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Are you a gastronomer and want to impress your customers not only with your menu, but also with the best coffee taste? We are happy to be at your side as a B2B partner for the catering industry. We have been working with numerous regional B2B partners for several years now, who are a perfect reference, also for the catering industry. With a B2B partnership for the catering industry, you will also be able to offer your guests excellent coffee specialties in the future, produced according to fair and social principles.

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We support you and advise you personally on which coffee, which preparation method and which machine is best suited to you and your restaurant. We will come to you and find the perfect solution for you and your restaurant.


Wildkaffee as a B2B partner for your gastronomy

Why Wildkaffee? We make no compromises. Quality and taste are just as important to us as transparency. Knowing where something comes from is also playing an increasingly important role in the gastronomy sector. Many guests want to know exactly where their piece of meat, vegetables or bottle of wine comes from. If you would like to extend this service to coffee, we offer you a perfect solution with our B2B partnership. We source our coffee exclusively from farmers with whom we have been working for years. This means we can guarantee the best quality and delicious coffee taste. The big plus: We know exactly where the coffee comes from, how and by whom it was processed. Everything that you want and should communicate in modern gastron

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Benefit from more than just good coffee - B2B partners at eye level

However, our B2B service offering is not limited to just delivering coffee. Individual, personal advice when choosing your future coffee plays a big role for us.

It is particularly important to us to know the local conditions. This means we can advise you in detail and fully cater to your personal wishes. The preparation method, the staff situation and customer behavior in particular are analyzed specifically and with expertise. Based on this analysis, we can give you suggestions that we then incorporate into a joint coffee concept. Of course, any changes are possible at any time, because your satisfaction and that of the customer are our top priority.

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Why Wildkaffee? Because we give you individual advice and support!

After the first contact, which usually takes place by phone or email, we assign a personal consultant who will look after you and your coffee department in the company on an ongoing basis. This contact person always remains the same so that we can continually develop your concept over time. Personal contact is essential for us. We visit you regularly and of course take care of your concerns. We are only satisfied when everything runs perfectly, the coffee tastes as desired and everything is perfectly coordinated. If you have any questions or a problem, you can always contact your personal consultant from our company.

Benefit from individual advice, best service and many years of experience

Do you have any questions about one of our coffees? Do you want to optimize your coffee preparation? Do you want to switch to a different machine? Do you even want to revise your entire coffee concept? We are here to help you. Benefit from our individual advice and the best service, which we have developed thanks to our many years of experience. For us, coffee is not just a product, but a real passion that we would like to share with you in a close, personal B2B partnership. Close cooperation and regular exchange with you as a customer is also extremely important to us.

We focus primarily on the unmistakable taste of our Wildkaffee varieties. In particular, the high-quality cultivation according to organic farming standards and the gentle roasting in our coffee roastery by our experienced roasting masters create the unique taste in every cup. With our service and individual support, we look forward to soon being able to win you as a B2B catering partner. The Wildkaffee roastery team looks forward to your email or call. We will get back to you as soon as possible.