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Fed up of bad coffee in your office? We're happy to help. We're here to help with our special coffee offer for office customers. We'll help you personally and in detail to choose the perfect coffee for your preparation method in the office. If you don't have a machine or other brewing equipment in your office yet, we'll be happy to give you individual recommendations and trading partners who can help you choose the perfect coffee machine.

Contact us and we will get in touch with you for a personal consultation.

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Are you looking for the right coffee for your office? Then you've come to the right place in the Wildkaffee B2B area. But it's not just your employees who will be motivated by our coffee enjoyment, your customers will also remember a tasty coffee during sales talks. This way you not only ensure coffee enjoyment and motivation for your team, but also sales with your customers.


Satisfied customers - with coffee that stays in your mind!

It's not just the employees in your office who benefit from our high-quality wild coffee range. Our unique coffee varieties are also guaranteed to stay in your customers' minds. Let's be honest: There's nothing better than being a guest in an office where you are greeted with a particularly aromatic cup of coffee. This lifts the mood and ensures a positive first touchpoint in your office. Coffee can also provide a lively start to a longer meeting and maybe even spark a small, positive discussion about coffee.


We advise you on which coffee suits you and your customers

Do you lack some experience in the area of ​​coffee or are you not sure which coffee to choose? No problem! We are guaranteed to help you. Thanks to our years of experience with coffee, we know exactly which coffee suits which preparation method.

We can also estimate quite accurately which coffee would suit your taste and that of your customers. Of course, we don't make decisions over your head. Only through close and personal communication with you do we determine which coffee you ultimately want. If your taste changes over time, this is of course no problem at all. We are happy to provide you with suitable alternatives and recommendations. We are also happy to set up a flexible coffee subscription in consultation with you.

Why Wildkaffee? Because you want to have high-quality coffee in the office every day for you and your customers!

The typical swill in the office... everyone has drunk it, or at least heard of it. The machines are usually suspected of being behind the bad taste, but often it is simply poor quality beans that end up in a poorly maintained fully automatic machine or a filter machine. With our B2B office concept, bad coffee is a thing of the past. We show you how you can enjoy excellent coffee in the office every day without making pointless investments - understandable and very easy to implement.

Our coffee is also available as a subscription. We are happy to coordinate delivery and order intervals as well as changing varieties with you personally. Any changes during the subscription, for example a different variety or an additional order, are of course no problem. You can reach us by phone and email during our business hours and we will be happy to help you.

We make sure that you and your employees always enjoy the coffee in the office

Good coffee creates a good atmosphere in your office. Good collaboration often begins with an aromatic cup of coffee. Tasty coffee ensures an alert mind, concentration and a positive atmosphere in the office. Just the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee can have a motivating effect on your employees. With our wide range of excellent coffee, you can motivate your employees and create a harmonious atmosphere in your office. The perfect incentive for an effective working day. We look forward to enriching the working day in your office.

If you don't like your coffee in the office at the moment, we're happy to help. We offer you a full, personal service both when choosing coffee and when optimizing the preparation in your office. We're only satisfied when you like the coffee 100 % and you've managed to prepare it exactly as you wanted. If there are any inconsistencies in between, help is just a phone call or an email away. Our aim is to give you and your employees only the best coffee enjoyment.