Wildkaffee coffee knowledge

Coffee knowledge - we give you an insight into the big world of coffee


Have you always wanted to find out more about the amazing taste of your cup of coffee? In our coffee knowledge section, we show you in detail how such a delicious cup profile is created. We focus primarily on the work on the farm, which we in Europe usually hear very little about. But it's not just worth taking a look at the farm: the processing and roasting in particular play such a big role in the taste of coffee that we also devote ourselves to these topics.

How is coffee actually grown? How does a cherry become a green coffee bean? How does coffee roasting work? We get asked all of these questions time and time again. We'll be happy to answer your questions in detail. On the following subpages you'll find exciting background information, directly from the countries of origin and from the experiences of our farmers and our own. We're looking forward to bringing you even closer to the exciting world of specialty coffee. Have fun discovering!

With our numerous coffee projects, where we leave our sustainable impact directly in the coffee's countries of origin, we can also give you regular, direct information about the wide world of specialty coffee. There are always new trends, especially in the Third Coffee Wave. Be it in cultivation, processing or preparation. In the coffee knowledge and coffee blog at Wildkaffee you are always informed about all the latest news.


All information directly from the coffee farm

Through direct trade and the resulting direct contact with the farmers, we always stay up to date. Naturally, we are also constantly informed about new cultivation methods, processing methods, etc. We also experiment with new trends ourselves. On our own farm, the Coffee School Project in Buenos Aires, El Salvador, we accompany local farmers and create new perspectives for them in coffee cultivation. And these perspectives will only work in the long term if we always keep up with the times and implement all new developments.


Preparing, storing and grinding coffee

But coffee knowledge shouldn't just be about processing. In order to be able to enjoy really perfect coffee at home, there are a few factors to consider. The preparation method, the right coffee, the perfect grind or even the storage of the beans. We go into great detail on all of these points and explain exactly how and, above all, why you should pay so much attention to your coffee. However, all of the tips and tricks are easy to use and often only require a few small steps.


The perfect coffee from Wildkaffee

For each preparation method, we also present the perfect coffee from our wide range of Wildkaffees. We get our coffees directly from the farmers in the countries of origin, with whom we have been cooperating for years. Our coffees are known above all for their slight sweetness in the cup profile. On these pages, we will show you how this taste is created, where the beans come from and how the taste of coffee is created in the first place.