Ethiopia West Arsi

Bergamot - Floral - Stone Fruit

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  • About the coffee

    The Ethiopia West Arsi from the Wild Coffee Roastery is always popular. Its fruity-floral taste with notes of stone fruit is typical of Ethiopian country coffees and ensures a flavor-intensive experience in every cup. The Ethiopia West Arsi is also suitable for all types of preparation.

    We get the beans for our West Arsi via direct trade from Testi Coffee in Ethiopia. Testi was founded in 2009 and now has more than 20 washing stations in the country. In addition to growing high-quality specialty coffee, Testi Coffee supports the families and villages that grow the coffee. With its social projects, the company promotes education and infrastructure in rural areas.

  • About the origin

    Do you fancy a unique coffee with a particularly fruity taste? Then our Ethiopia West Arsi is the perfect choice. Its floral taste is rounded off with notes of bergamot and stone fruit, creating an incredibly delicious cup profile.

    Country of origin: Ethiopia
    Growing area: West Arsi
    Cultivation altitude: 2,000 m
    Farm: Testi Coffee, several farming families
    Type: 100% Arabica
    Condition: Washed
    Variety: Heirloom
    Roast: Medium

  • Special feature

    Ethiopia is generally considered the birthplace of coffee. To this day, there are thousands of varieties there that are still completely unexplored. These varieties are usually labeled as mixed heirloom. The wild coffee trees are part of the permanent forest in Ethiopia. That is why there is also coffee that is simply grown in people's gardens.

    These are called garden coffees and grow among many other plants on the villagers' land. Coffee from Ethiopia is famous for its floral and fruity profile in the cup. This unique world of flavor is achieved primarily through processing. The washed processing method brings out the notes much more intensely. This is why over 50% of coffee from Ethiopia is now processed wet.


Our recommendation - Preparation with the hand filter:

1. Insert filter paper and then rinse the filter and cup/pot with hot water

2. Put 20 g of coffee into the filter (grinding level: filter grind)

3. Pour approx. 60 ml of water in circular movements and let it brew for approx. 30 seconds

4. Add the remaining 240 ml of water slowly and constantly in circular movements

5. The brewing process should last between approx. 2:30 - 3 minutes

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Wildkaffee Roastery

Ethiopia West Arsi

Ethiopia West Arsi - a real highland coffee

Our Ethiopia West Arsi is cultivated by several farming families in both West Arsi. The coffee plants of the heirloom variety thrive at a good 2,000 meters. This makes our Ethiopia West Arsi a real highland coffee. This means that it is very digestible and contains less caffeine. Caffeine is the defense against pests and these are less common at such high altitudes.

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