The use of coffee grounds!

Do you know this? Do you regularly brew your coffee at home and therefore have a large amount of coffee grounds? Then in this blog article we will provide you with some solutions on how you can give them a second use in the future.

Because ground, already brewed coffee grounds are actually much more versatile than you might think. In addition, the field of use for ground coffee is extremely wide. In the garden, in facial care, as a household product or even as a cleaner , to name just a few. You can find out how you can reuse your grounds in detail in this blog article. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun recycling.

Use coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee is an excellent natural fertilizer! The ground grounds contain valuable nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium! The nitrogen ensures strong leaf growth, phosphorus ensures active flowering and fruit ripening, and potassium is the ideal substance for cell structure and the general stability of the plant. Coffee is particularly suitable for flowers and berry plants. But be careful! The grounds are not suitable for seedlings and plants that are just beginning to grow.

Simply let the grounds dry on a tray or in the sun and work them into the soil. Use your coffee grounds as fertilizer, but only in your garden, because despite drying, the coffee still contains a subtle moisture that causes the soil of your houseplant to start to mold. Incidentally, the coffee grounds also protect against snails, because like the seedlings, they don't like caffeine. But this doesn't apply to every type of snail.

Also excellent in compost

But it is not only excellent as a general fertilizer. Your grounds also have a wide and extremely useful use in compost ! The grounds do not need to be dried. The nutrients and the slight moisture of the coffee grounds ensure that the compost is enriched and also provide food for earthworms.

To prevent mold from forming here, you should spread the coffee grounds well. And coffee grounds are also excellent for old, exhausted potting soil. The nutrients they contain regenerate the soil. You should pay close attention to the mixing ratio! Mix the potting soil 50:50 with the compost that you made from your coffee grounds. Gradually add the old coffee powder to the compost in small amounts. But caution is advised here too! Too much coffee could also cause mold to form in the compost-coffee grounds mixture !

As a cleaning agent

Coffee grounds are not only an excellent weapon in the garden! They are also ideal for the home . The slightly grainy structure and the required density of the old coffee powder ensure that the grounds also cut an excellent figure in the home. Used coffee powder can be used like scouring cream. The grounds are a natural miracle cure, especially for heavily soiled pots and pans ! Simply put a little coffee grounds in the dirty container and use a wet sponge like scouring cream. You should be careful with sensitive coatings such as Teflon or ceramic, however, as both materials could be seriously damaged.

Coffee grounds filter wild coffee roastery

In body care

As a peeling

Coffee grounds are also used in body care! The grainy structure of the coffee also offers scope for great recycling options here. Fancy a simple, natural scrub from your old coffee powder? Then just mix some old coffee grounds with a dash of olive oil - your coffee scrub is ready. The nutrients in the coffee and olive oil ensure smooth, supple skin and the grainy structure prevents blemishes on the skin . In addition, the caffeine still contained also has an invigorating effect on the skin and thus provides an additional morning energy boost.

Make eye ointment from coffee

You can also make an eye ointment from used coffee! You need 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of olive oil - put the grounds together with olive oil and half of the coconut oil in a pot and heat gently until the coconut oil is completely liquid. Then pass the finished paste through a sieve and mix with the remaining coconut oil and then pour into a small jar and cool. The natural ointment contains numerous vital substances . Here too, the caffeine stimulates the blood circulation and ensures a fresh start to the new day!

Coffee grounds reuse wild coffee

As a natural remedy against pests

We already mentioned at the beginning that compost made from coffee grounds is also suitable for preventing snails, because snails don't like caffeine. If you have ants in your garden that are bothering you, then the grounds can help you here too. The intense smell of the coffee neutralizes the smell that the ants use to find their way. But coffee grounds are also excellent against wasps! But simply sprinkling the grounds around is not enough here! You have to light the dried, old coffee grounds . The smoke that is created is particularly effective at driving away the wasps. They simply don't like the smoke and the smell . For us humans, the smell of this fine smoke is barely noticeable, or the rising, slightly roasted scent notes are more of a pleasant one.

Coffee grounds-pests-wild coffee

Reading tea leaves - what is that?

Are there letters in the coffee grounds? No... it is an old tradition that has its origins in the Ottoman Empire. It is a method or tradition that is supposed to predict the future . However, it is more of a culture that is more oracular. The tradition originated in the 18th century in the Ottoman Empire , in what is now Turkey. Even then, Turkish mocha coffee was the drink that was drunk in the Orient. Turkish mocha coffee is known for the fact that the coffee is ground as fine as dust and is boiled directly in water.

This means that the fine grounds end up in the cup and this is exactly where the tradition of reading coffee grounds came from. And how does it work? The rest of the grounds in the cup are not drunk. You put the saucer on the edge of the cup and then turn the saucer 2-3 times . Now put the cup upside down on the saucer and wait until the bottom of the cup cools down. The coffee grounds settle on the saucer and some shapes or signs emerge that are interpreted as future-oriented signals . A lot of creativity is required when interpreting the signals and symbols. Today there are even special interpretation catalogues that explain exactly which symbol has which meaning for your future, because this tradition is still widespread in the oriental region and is now also quite common in western latitudes.


Coffee grounds are truly versatile! Whether in the garden, in personal care, against pests or as a cleaning agent. Above all, the numerous nutrients that coffee naturally contains, as well as the caffeine, ensure that used coffee powder can be used in a wide variety of ways. The many natural nutrients in coffee offer significant benefits for both people and many plants. Furthermore, it is above all the structure of the ground coffee that makes the grounds ideal for personal care and as a cleaning agent. It is particularly ideal for coarser residues in pans, pots or on other surfaces.

And the coarseness is also a real advantage on the skin against impurities. According to coffee drinkers in the former Ottoman Empire, coffee grounds also have fortune-telling properties. Reading coffee grounds is a millennia-old tradition in the Orient that is still practiced today. #staywild