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Our motivation


The passion for high-quality coffee was established early on in the family of founder Leonhard Wild. In 1892, Leonhard's great-grandfather Leonhard Panholzer opened a small grocery store at Partenkirchen train station. Among other things, he sold roasted coffee from Hamburg there. Leonhard Wild took up this idea around 120 years later and founded the Wildkaffee roastery together with his wife Stefanie, where exquisite coffee varieties from all over the world are still processed today. The motivation to process only the best coffee every day remains the highest priority to this day.

Why Wildkaffee roastery? Because we don't make compromises! Our drive is to only process the best types of coffee in our roastery. It is particularly important to us that you can 100 % understand where the coffee comes from and what story lies behind the bean. In other words, which variety it comes from, which processing method was used, which country and growing region the coffee comes from. Also very important: Which farmer grew and processed the coffee? We only work with farmers and cooperatives that we know personally. This is the only way we can do justice to our motivation to only offer coffees of the highest quality standards. We will tell you everything else about our motivation in the following lines. #staywild


Our motivation - established 2010

Since 2010, we have had a clear aim and a clear motivation that we pursue at the Wildkaffee roastery. We only want to offer the finest types of coffee, which we source directly from the coffee farmers in the countries of origin. Direct contact with the farmers is particularly important to us. In order to maintain these relationships and to be able to guarantee that the farmers work according to the same fair and social principles as we do, we regularly travel directly to the coffee farms in the countries of origin. There we can maintain friendly contact with the farmers and check the quality of the green coffee directly on site.


Our motivation - our task

The basis for our drive - to provide all connoisseurs with an unforgettable coffee experience - is of course to process selected green coffees to a high standard in our coffee roasting facility. The best quality of the coffee is our top priority. In order for such quality to be achieved, a number of factors have to come together.

The players should actually be clear: high-quality cultivation, detailed processing and preparation as well as the subsequent gentle roasting in our Wildkaffee roastery in Farchant.

But we at the Wildkaffee roastery want to go one step further. A large part of our motivation is the look behind the scenes. As you may already know, coffee is often overshadowed by poor working conditions: child labor, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to health, inadequate pay, long working days and exploitation.

We want to show you regularly that this can be done differently. Together with you, we want to delve as deeply as possible into the wide world of specialty coffee and show you why it is worth investing a little more money in coffee. It is worth looking outside the box, which we provide you with every week here on our website and in social media.

But keeping up to date with the latest news in the coffee sector is not the only thing that drives us. We want to use our years of experience in the coffee sector. To this end, we have set up coffee projects together with a number of cooperation partners, such as our farmer Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle, where we can share our sustainable and social motivation with the farmers in the countries of origin.

The Coffee School Project is leading the way here, and we have bought a farm in the Buenos Aires region of El Salvador. On the finca, we train the local farmers and give them new perspectives on growing specialty coffee. Our motivation: every farmer should benefit equally. We want to create a community that grows and learns together. You can already discover the first project coffees in our online shop. Drinking coffee and doing something good at the same time - also a big part of our goal.


Our motivation: exceptional coffee taste!

Exceptional taste and high-quality production, i.e. cultivation and processing, work hand in hand. Personal contact with the farmers helps us in particular. In direct exchange, we can express our personal wishes, while the farmer informs us about the current status and new trends. So that we can see for ourselves, we regularly travel to the countries of origin and visit several farms. We do not shy away from lending a hand ourselves, because only those who do it themselves know how hard work goes into producing high-quality green coffee. If a coffee convinces us in terms of taste and quality, it finds its way to our coffee roastery. Our experienced roasting masters Josef Staltmayr and Leonhard Wild carry out further quality controls before the green coffee is gently refined into our outstanding Wildkaffee varieties. Our motivation and years of experience then create the typically harmonious, complex taste experience in every cup.

Our motivation: A look behind the scenes

We experienced many unique things on our trips to the countries of origin. From cultural adventures and natural phenomena to touching social events, we were able to take home numerous moving impressions from our travels. We already mentioned at the beginning of this page that coffee is not always characterized by enjoyment, rich fincas and smiling faces. So that you too can be part of our coffee trips, an important component of our motivation is to regularly include you in our collected impressions. The easiest way to do this is via our website and social media. There we keep you up to date on the entire world of coffee every day and offer you in our stories the insight behind your cup of coffee that you have always wanted. If you want to go even deeper and find more detailed information about coffee cultivation and processing, then our coffee blog is the right place for you.

Address grievances and make lasting changes!

So that we do not just inform people about the grievances in some countries of origin, we have been involved in several coffee projects for a long time that address the needs and aim to improve the problems sustainably over a longer period of time. Our motivation is to create places for mutual exchange between coffee farmers and roasters. The proceeds from our project coffees go towards building up the community and the coffee farms in the respective regions. The direct and fair connection between farmers and roasters is intended to increase transparency in the entire coffee sector. To this end, we and our partners conduct training courses and seminars on the coffee farms, where we show roasters from all over the world how organic farming works, how coffee is grown and processed, and the working methods of a coffee farmer in the country of origin. The same naturally applies to the small farmers and coffee farmers in the regions, who are also trained in efficient cultivation and processing.