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Specialty Tea from Tea Spitz

Specialty Tea is not only a sign of quality, but also of taste. The teas are intended to offer you a completely new taste experience that you are not familiar with from conventional tea bags. The tea specialties from Tea Spitz impress with exceptionally tasty notes and aromas. This is simply because the types of tea, or rather the tea plants and other ingredients, are only grown, harvested and processed according to the strictest quality standards.

What natural influences contribute to the unique taste of Tea Spitz teas?

In order to achieve the quality of the specialty tea, all influencing factors must be carefully checked and always with an eye on the best quality. Locations, cultivation altitudes, climatic conditions, the soil and its composition, the flora and fauna and of course the cultivation and care of the plants as well as the further processing are carefully controlled so that only the finest teas end up in your cup.

If just one factor in this list is neglected, the cup profile and thus the entire tea experience changes. In order to be able to guarantee this quality at all times, we carry out regular tastings and quality controls.

Where does the specialty tea come from?

The specialty tea comes from certain small regions, from selected tea gardens, whose terroir brings with it an unmistakable taste. As with coffee, high-quality processing and sustainable treatment of the nature around the tea gardens are essential for tea in order to achieve an excellent end result in your cup.

Tea is typically grown in India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, but it is also cultivated in some African countries such as Kenya. The tea bushes feel most comfortable at an altitude of almost 2,500 meters. Why? Because the UV radiation is significantly higher up there. In addition, the growth of the plant is somewhat slowed down at this altitude.

This results in very complex aromas, which are actually a product of the defense substances that the tea plant develops to protect itself from environmental influences. In general, one can therefore say that the higher the plant grows, the more aromas it develops, as it has to protect itself from the harsh climate on the mountain slopes.

Climate an harvest of specialty tea

When you think of the high altitude where the tea is grown, you assume that the climate is cold and harsh. But the exact opposite must be the case. In order for our specialty tea to thrive, it needs a warm, humid climate, a balanced amount of rainfall and loose, humus-rich soil. Too much water would drown the tea plant, which is why tea is grown on slopes so that the water can drain away optimally.

For optimal color development, the tea plant also needs at least four hours of sunshine per day. The tea is harvested several times a year. Some of the tea can even be harvested every two weeks. The highest quality level of tea is called First Flush. The characteristics of this harvest are the young, tender leaves that have a fine, aromatic scent.

This smell is also reflected in the cup profile. You can expect a particularly delicate taste. The first flush is the first shoot after winter. The harvesting methods also differ. Tea can be harvested manually, semi-manually (with scissors, including a small collecting container), semi-mechanically (mechanized scissors with a collecting container hanging from them) and mechanically (with tractor-like machines, especially on flat terrain).

Specialty tea - diverse and tasty

The specialty teas from Tea Spitz are a very versatile drink. Firstly, you can brew the teas not just once, but 2-3 times. In addition, most specialty teas are also ideal for preparing as a tasty iced tea.

The advantage is that you don't have to add any sugar to this iced tea. You can expect a purely natural refreshment, or in winter a warming drink that tastes unique. Do you have any further questions about our tea range or about Tea Spitz in general?

Then simply contact us by email at info@wild-kaffee.de or on Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to help you! Of course, we will try to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible.

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