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48 products

Our idea and philosophy

As early as 1892, Leonhard Panholzer and his wife Maria founded a grocery store with a dairy at the Old Train Station in Partenkirchen, where they also sold roasted coffee from a small, fine coffee roastery in Hamburg. At the time, this was still a real rarity, as the art of coffee roasting was still largely unknown.

The passion for high-quality coffee has prevailed in the family. A good 120 years later, his great-grandson Leonhard Wild, known as Hardi, took up this idea again and, together with his wife Stefanie, founded the Wildkaffee Rösterei, the first coffee roastery in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Our history and development

The company is growing steadily. Hardi now has help with roasting. Together with Josef Staltmayr, he processes high-quality green coffee, most of which is purchased directly from well-known coffee farmers. The two regularly travel to the coffee plantations to maintain good relationships with the coffee farmers and to check the quality of the green coffee directly on site.

In 2014, we opened our own café in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which was handed over to a long-standing employee in 2018 so that we could concentrate fully on the production of coffee specialties. This is the best place for us to share our passion for special coffee with you.

Our green coffee

We source our green coffee beans from farmers, most of whom we know personally. People who also follow the same social and quality principles as we do. We currently source over 85 % of our green coffee directly from the farmers.

A constantly growing network and close friendships with the farmers in the countries of origin are a great help to us. It is always important to us to find the best beans for our customers. To ensure this, we regularly travel to our farmers and inspect the new harvests and the working methods on site.

Sustainable, transparent and fair - Wildkaffee

When the coffee beans arrive at our premises, they are carefully processed and undergo constant checks. However, this does not mean that every type of coffee always tastes the same. Coffee is a natural product and the taste also depends on the prevailing weather conditions.

Therefore, it is completely normal if the harvest from Guatemala (or other countries) tastes a little different this year than the year before. In any case, the coffee is processed very carefully so that you can always enjoy the usual quality of our coffee.

This is how we roast our coffees and espressos

All of our roasters are state-of-the-art drum roasters. In addition to the human touch of our experts, computer-aided software from Cropster is installed on all roasters to monitor the roasting process. The program monitors the roasting process in real time.

All components relevant to roasting, such as temperature, time and roasting curve, can be monitored and controlled by the software. This makes it possible to achieve an even more consistent roasting curve when roasting the same amount several times, thus ensuring outstanding quality.

Cropster warns early on of possible irregularities or deviations, which the roasting master can then correct. Of course, it is not just modern technology that is crucial for the special quality of wild coffee, but above all the skill and experience of the two roasters Hardi and Stalti. They try to get the best out of every coffee bean and always emphasize the unique taste of the individual growing regions from which the coffee comes.

Constant control and permanent monitoring of the individual work steps are a matter of course here in order to guarantee you the high quality and excellent taste of Wildkaffee. Because for us, coffee is not just a drink, but a passion. We look forward to more great coffee experiences together with you.

Our philosophy