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our philosophy


We are the Wildkaffee roastery and we do not compromise on quality. We want to provide you with 100 % quality, 100 % variety and 100 % transparency. Numerous work steps and factors have to work together perfectly to create such quality and the excellent taste of our Wildkaffee varieties. You can find out in detail on this page what makes up our philosophy.

Transparency - farm to Cup

One attribute that is particularly important to us is the issue of transparency. Our motto here is: from farm to cup!

We want you to know exactly where the coffee in your cup comes from. We're not just interested in the country of origin. We want to share with you the farmer, the processing method, the exact finca and all information about the background of the farmer and his finca. How do we do that? On our coffee blog, as well as on our social media channels, we provide you with new information and trends from the wide world of specialty coffee every week. Through direct contact and trade with our partner farmers, with whom we have been working for years, we can always provide you with news directly from the farm.

Own coffee projects

We want to continually expand and improve the aspect of transparency, just like all other areas. Coffee projects and the resulting project coffees are a particularly valuable tool. With our own Coffee School Project, we are breaking new ground in this regard.

At the Coffee School Project, we are making a contribution to the revival of Salvadoran coffee culture with our sustainable and social impact. Through targeted training, the use of organic farming and direct exchange between farmers and roasters, a completely new perspective is created from which both sides benefit. This transparency gives roasters a precise insight into the work that goes into producing the best coffee taste, while farmers get stable trading partners with whom they can trade fairly and directly.

But you also benefit from coffee projects. By purchasing each bag, you support the reconstruction of the Buenos Aires region in El Salvador and the structure that in turn gives the farmers new perspectives in the coffee business. In addition, we provide you with direct information, images and video material from the farm to give you a detailed insight into the coffee that you may have in your cup. This way, you can enjoy the best coffee without a guilty conscience, promote structures and gain a qualitative perspective.



The issue of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. This aspect also applies to coffee. Extreme weather, enormous amounts of rainfall, heat waves and long periods of drought are making coffee cultivation increasingly difficult. We have known this fact for a long time. We want to change something, which is why we focus on coffees that are cultivated in harmony with nature, according to the standards of organic farming. We use ecological plant protection products and fertilizers that are made from our own microorganisms. This promotes the sustainable regeneration of nature and its mineral-rich soils. The big plus: the quality of the coffee is also increased enormously and you can taste it. Of course, all processes in the roastery are regularly optimized with a view to sustainability.


Quality in all processes

Of course, it is not just the quality of the green coffee that makes the taste in your cup so special. It is a combination of quality in all processing steps that creates an excellent taste experience. From the quality of cultivation, through the preparation to the processing in our coffee roastery, which is always done using artisanal roasting methods in our high-quality drum roasters, all work steps are carried out with an eye on the best quality. Our coffee is roasted fresh and gently every day by our experienced roasting masters, so that the individual notes are highlighted in a targeted and nuanced way.


Direct trading

Since the beginning of the successful history of the Wildkaffee roastery, we have only sourced our green coffee directly from the farms. Through direct trade and regular exchange, we have been able to acquire enormous knowledge about coffee cultivation over the years. Through intensive, direct contact with the farmers in the countries of origin, close friendships have developed over the years. This gives us a huge advantage, especially with regard to coffee quality: We can express our individual wishes, while the farmer can rely on a loyal and honest trading partner.