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Merchandise from Wildkaffee - wear your coffee enjoyment with style

Wildkaffee is not only known for its exquisite coffee varieties, but also for its unique merchandise. If you, as a coffee lover, want to express your personal style, Wildkaffee's caps and bags are the perfect choice. In this text, you will learn more about the fascinating world of Wildkaffee merchandise and how you can present your coffee enjoyment in style.

Caps from Wildkaffee - show your passion for coffee

Discover our stylish new Wildkaffee Caps! Together with Mantahari, we have come up with something very special. The caps are made from 96 % recycled ocean plastic, more precisely from discarded PET bottles that were collected in the seas of Indonesia and then processed into sustainable yarns from which high-quality caps can be made.

This creates a 100 % sustainable cap that not only looks great, but fits perfectly with our responsible philosophy of the Wildkaffee roastery!

Bags from Wildkaffee - practical and stylish

Discover our new fabric bag in a stylish Wildkaffee design. The fabric bag is made from 100 % organically certified cotton and is also certified with the Fair Wear seal, which is committed to improving working conditions in textile industry companies worldwide.

The Wildkaffee fabric bag helps you make your everyday life even more sustainable. You can use it for shopping, your snack or simply for transport. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in production, the Wildkaffee fabric bag is durable and stable. The casual design cuts a fine figure in every everyday situation and is a real must-have for every Wild Coffee fan.

Upcycling shopper made from denim coffee sacks

Discover our new upcycled shoppers made from denim coffee sacks! The stylish bags are handmade from Guatemalan coffee sacks from The New Denim Project in Germany. You can find out more about The New Denim Project here.

Each bag is unique, so the motifs vary accordingly. The upcycling shoppers are particularly high quality due to the high-grade craftsmanship. The proceeds from the upcycling shoppers go to our Coffee School Project, where we help farmers gain new perspectives in coffee cultivation.

Merchandise from Wildkaffee - a stylish expression of coffee culture

Wildkaffee merchandise, especially the caps and bags, are not only fashionable accessories, but also an expression of coffee culture. With their stylish design and connection to the Wildkaffee brand, you can present your passion for coffee in a stylish way.

Wildkaffee caps and bags are high quality, functional and environmentally friendly. Carry a piece of Wildkaffee with you and show the world that you are a real coffee lover.

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