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Of course, there is a lot of work behind high-quality coffee, because Wildkaffee is not just the "simple" roasting of selected green coffee beans. So that you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee at home, the beans also have to be packaged. Furthermore, questions about our coffees, their origin, shipping, the roasting plant and so on keep coming up, which we of course want to answer for you. In order for all of these steps to run smoothly, a harmonious team is needed. On this page, you can get to know our team in detail.

Team Wildkaffee

  • Leonhard Wild

    Founder, Managing Director, Roasting Master

    When Hardi is not roasting and tasting new coffees in the roastery, he likes to spend his time on the golf course.

    As founder, Leonhard has been part of Wildkaffee since 2010. He enjoys his favorite coffee, the Ruanda Umusazi, prepared using a manual filter.

  • Steffi_Wild_-_Wildkaffee_Team

    Stefanie Wild

    Founder, Managing Director, Accounting

    As a former ski racer, Steffi still spends a lot of time on the skis. But now she also spends a lot of time in the organization.

    As founder, Stefanie has been part of Wildkaffee since 2010. She likes to prepare her favorite coffee, Kenia Kangiri, as a pour over.

  • Josef_Stalti_Staltmayr_-_Wildkaffee_Team

    Josef Staltmayr

    Roasting Master, Quality Management

    The man behind our coffees. Josef, known as Stalti, has been master roaster since 2011 and is responsible for quality control.

    In his free time he works as an ice hockey coach. His favorite coffee is Rwanda Umusazi, brewed using a manual filter.

  • Taoko_Cain_-_Wildkaffee_Team

    Taoko Cain

    Office, Organisation, Online Shop

    When Taoko is not busy organizing, she tends to the flowers in her small garden.

    Taoko has been part of Wildkaffee since 2021. Her favorite coffee is the El Salvador Kenya Variety from the hand filter.

  • Evi_-_Wildkaffee_Team

    Evelyn Kästner

    Shipping and order processing

    If you regularly order from our online shop, it is Evi who packs it.

    The shipping department has been her domain since 2020. In her free time, Evi likes to lie in the sun and drink cappuccino with our Colombia.

  • Martl_Wild_-_Wildkaffee_Team

    Martin Wild

    Sommelier and wine advice

    “Coffee keeps me going until it's time for wine” is the motto of Martl, who takes care of wine sales and events at Wildkaffee.

    He enjoys an Americano or a glass of wine the most.

  • Wennael_Wuermli_-_Wildkaffee_Team

    Wennael Würmli

    Social Media and Communication

    In his free time, Wenna can be found fishing in streams, rivers or lakes here in the Alpine foothills.

    Since 2023 he has been responsible for written communication and social media. He enjoys the El Salvador – Coffee School Project from the moka pot the most.

  • Nico Ettengruber


    Nico has been part of the Wildkaffee team since 2023 and takes care of controlling. In his free time, he likes to hang out on the football field and learn more about coffee.

    His favorite drink is a Kenya Thirikwa from the manual filter.

  • Lumpi_-_Wildkaffee_Team


    Good mood & motivation

    Lumpi not only monitors the work in the office, but above all ensures a good mood, lots of motivation and relaxation on stressful days.

    Lumpi likes freshly tapped water best.


The Wildkaffee Team

From import to packaging, all work steps are carried out in-house in our coffee roastery in Farchant. Whether it's our stylish bag designs, the manual packaging of the beans or the constant quality control. Everything is mastered together under one roof by our team. The highest priority is always the best quality and sustainability of all products. But it's not just coffee, tea and wine that we want to provide you with the best quality. Quality must also be part of our service. Whether on the phone, by email or on social media. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about the world of coffee.


What is special about our team

Not only is the fact that everyone on our team has been infected with the coffee virus a special feature, but there are also some things in the general constellation that can definitely be described as special characteristics.

Did you know that some members of our team have a background in competitive sports? Founder Leonhard Wild worked as an ice hockey goalie for many years, founder Stefanie Wild traveled the world as a ski racer. Roasting master Josef Staltmayr was also an ice hockey player and played alongside Leonhard, among others.

Our Taoko competed in competitive dance when she was young. Our sommelier Martl, who looks after our wine department, also played ice hockey for years. Overall, the Wildkaffee team still has a close connection to sport today. Some athletes and organizations, such as the German Ice Hockey Association, canoeist Tom Liebscher-Lucz and bobsledder Annika Drazek, also swear by Wildkaffee.