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4 products

The right accessories for you

Are you an ambitious hobby barista or simply a big coffee fan? Then discover our wide range of selected accessories for coffee preparation. We are always on the lookout for revolutionary gadgets and preparation methods that can extract very special aromas from your coffee.

We always keep our eyes open at trade fairs, festivals and with other colleagues who work in the coffee segment. What is new to discover? How do the new preparations work? What are the advantages of brewing? Only the accessories that we are 100 % convinced of end up in our range. This means we can only offer you the highest quality accessories to go with our high-quality coffee.

Selected preparation methods in our accessories shop

There are always new trends, especially in the world of different preparation methods. Compact preparation methods, new drippers, new filter papers and so on. Before the accessories are added to our range, we test them thoroughly so that we can guarantee that the product offers a certain added value.

Of course, we can't do without the classics. We carry all versions of the Chemex, the AeroPress, the Carl Henkel Brewer, as well as the long-standing favorites among manual filters such as the Origami Dripper, the two versions of the V60 Dripper from Hario made of glass and ceramic, and the Flower Dripper from CAFEC. We also have the French press from Hario.

Compact coffee makers for travel

You can also find the right coffee maker for preparing a flavorful coffee when traveling. The Espro Ultralight Coffee Press and the Kinto Cafepress are ideal for this. Both work according to the direct extraction principle and are designed like a French press. The great thing about them is that our Tea Spitz tea can also be prepared in both devices, so you can brew two excellent drinks in one preparation method.

We also shouldn't forget the AeroPress when it comes to preparation methods for on the go. The compact press piston ensures a very special coffee experience when you're on the go. The filter paper makes the coffee extremely fruity and develops its own, sweet notes. Of course, this depends on which coffee roast you use.

High-quality grinders for precise grinding results

Excellent coffee should always be freshly ground so that it always tastes fresh and can develop its full range of flavors. For an extremely even and precise grind that suits your preparation, we recommend a high-quality grinder. There are two variants: manual grinders and electric grinders.

All grinders from our online shop give you a perfect grinding result. The electric Fellow Ode in particular is a real high-class product. It is very compact and gives you a perfect grind. The Comandante C40 is also a grinder that is absolutely convincing with its grind and practical design. A slightly cheaper option is the product from Hario, which also gives you a very even grind. You can also grind espresso in the Hario grinder.

Other practical accessories

You can find all of this and much more in our accessories shop. From brewing jugs to milk jugs and tea makers, you will find everything a barista's heart desires. We are happy to make preparing coffee a little easier for you with the right accessories.

Have you received your equipment and now need instructions on how to brew the coffee? We're happy to help you. You can find news from the world of coffee in our blog articles.

Do you have any further questions about our accessories or our general range? Then please write us a message at info@wild-kaffee.de or on Facebook or Instagram. We will try to respond to your request as quickly as possible and would be happy to help you.

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