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Do you also want to become part of the Wildkaffee philosophy, i.e. open your own café, equip your existing catering business with the best coffee or enjoy only the finest coffee of the highest quality in the office?

Then become a B2B partner at our Wildkaffee roastery! The advantages are obvious: you can expect not only adjusted prices , but also personal, individual advice regarding the selected variety or the preparation methods. Thanks to our years of experience in the gastronomic sector, we naturally also incorporate our practical knowledge into the advice. Our B2B partner offer is rounded off by personal training , during which we let you and your team delve even deeper into the world of specialty coffee.

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Which coffee? Which preparation? Which machine and how should it be used correctly? We want to help you find the best solutions in the big world of coffee. We advise you on choosing the right coffee for you and your customers, we set up your coffee machines and grinders correctly and we give you long-term, personal advice. Get in touch now and we will get back to you.


Wildkaffee for your café

Are you planning to open a café, but need support in the most essential area, coffee? We would be happy to provide you with the right incentives and assist you with the planning. We are happy to incorporate our many years of personal knowledge into the process. A barista course with sensory and technical training is part of our basic package. We are also happy to take care of setting up your coffee machine and grinder. A joint tasting session, during which we find the perfect coffee bean for you, rounds off our overall package for your café.

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Wildkaffee for your office

Fed up of bad coffee in the office? We can help! Become a Wildkaffee office customer. We will take care of your coffee in the office individually, in detail and personally, and ensure that it tastes good in the future and comes from fair and sustainable production. We take the time to determine in detail which coffee is suitable for your preparation method in the office. Don't have a machine or brewing equipment yet? We are happy to give recommendations here too. You can contact us by phone, email or social media. We will get in touch with you immediately and look forward to the exchange.

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Wildkaffee for your gastronomy

Do you want to offer your guests a really tasty and high-quality espresso or coffee after a hearty meal? Then you've come to the right place. With our years of experience in the catering industry, we'll be happy to help you find the perfect coffee for your guests. Our goal is to transfer the awareness of quality in food to coffee as well. Because let's be honest, a hearty meal should always be rounded off with a really tasty cup of coffee or an intense espresso. With our unique, individual catering concept, we'll be happy to help you set up the machine and choose the perfect bean.

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Our B2B partnerships don't just work with coffee! We also like to include our wide range of top-quality teas, also known as specialty teas, in our offering.

Especially exciting for our catering partners: Selected natural wines from Wein Danke. Our sommelier Martin Wild will be happy to help you with wine as well.

If you have any questions about our product range, the B2B partnership or other topics about the wide range of products in the Wildkaffee roastery, you can contact us at any time by phone, email or on social media. We will answer your query as quickly as possible and will be happy to help you!

Why do you need Wildkaffee? Because good coffee stays in your customers' minds!

With our B2B partner concept, we want to give not only you, but also your customers a completely new perspective on the quality of a product . Often, this awareness is already there, especially with food, and needs to be extended to coffee. Once you have found a coffee that tastes good, it will also stick in the minds of your customers . It is not uncommon for our B2B partners to tell us that the unique taste of wild coffee is praised by customers. Such a good experience stays in the mind and creates a positive association with your products.

Customer loyalty through good coffee

Such a good taste and the unique quality of wild coffee will ensure that your customers come back, both in your café and in the catering industry. Our sensory training courses and a comprehensive barista course ensure that you can completely convince your customers. Because a high-quality bean alone is not enough. Latte art, variety and the barista craft are simply part of a café. With us and our partners, we can ensure that you can convince your customers of your coffee. We are happy to share our experience and expertise with you.

Best quality from gentle drum roasting

How is our Wildkaffee range actually processed? 100 % quality, 100 % variety and 100 % transparency - these are the attributes that define us, the Wildkaffee roastery. We only process the finest green coffees directly from farmers from all over the world. In our roastery in Farchant, the coffees are processed particularly gently using artisanal drum roasting. The longer roasting at a lower temperature brings out the fine, country-specific notes of individual coffees in a targeted and nuanced way. The latest technology and the sensitivity of our two roasting masters Josef Staltmayr and Leonhard Wild give our coffees the finishing to

Regional and strong partners at eye level

We already support numerous regional and strong partners. It is particularly important to us that we communicate on an equal footing. We want to give you an understanding of our fair, social principles and the work that goes into our coffee quality. However, we do not want to and will not argue with a raised finger. We want to enter into a strong, close partnership with you. Communicating a positive feeling is also very important to us. You should always be able to share your questions with us. True to the motto: Alone you are strong, together you are stronger.

Personal customer service

Personal contact with you is also very important to us. We are only satisfied when you are 100 % satisfied. Of course, we will personally visit your café or restaurant and show you how to make the perfect coffee on your machine. If you have any questions about coffee or technology, our experts are of course available by phone or email. We are happy to share our recommendations and suggestions with you. We are also happy to keep you up to date on new coffees, for example our typical specials for Christmas, Easter, etc. We look forward to personal contact with you.