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Unique aromas, exceptional taste and a focus on quality, sustainability and transparency - all of these characteristics unite our brands. Whether it's Wildkaffee, Wein Danke or Tea Spitz, we stand by our ideals and stick to them.

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Based in the picturesque Zugspitze region near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we have been dedicated to refining exquisite coffee varieties from all over the world since 2010. For us, the direct exchange with the coffee farmers in the countries of origin is just as important as the outstanding quality of our coffee. Quality is the guiding principle that we live by every day at the Wildkaffee roastery, because for us it is synonymous with exceptionally good coffee taste.

Our philosophy

Wein Danke

A B2B partnership with us should not just be about coffee. Of course, we are also happy to support you with all questions about wine. With Wein Danke we also offer you the option of getting to know selected wines grown according to organic or biodynamic standards. But we are also happy to offer you support beyond our product range. Thanks to years of experience in the catering industry and knowledge that we have gained over the years, we can also give you useful advice in other situations. A personal contact is always available for you.

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Tea Spitz

We are people who enjoy good taste, love good craftsmanship and appreciate the people behind it. Therefore, the best quality and excellent taste are clearly our top priority. The quality of tea is just as noticeable in the cup as with coffee. Only carefully selected and processed teas can meet our high standards of good taste. We only stock premium quality in our range and are always on the lookout for very special treasures at specialty tea level.

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We love coffee and at the same time have high values. Sustainability, direct and fair trade with coffee producers and of course only coffee of the highest quality are the be-all and end-all for us. For our coffee products, we have found a partner in the Wildkaffee Roastery who is 100% in line with our values.

The common goal of our cooperation is, among other things, to sustainably improve the situation of coffee producers in the countries of origin. And to make coffee for you that tastes amazing.

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