Brewers Cup Series

Everything about the world champion

World Brewers Cup Gewinner Martin Wölfl Wildkaffee Austria

We are world champions!

And of course we want to share that with you. On the following pages you will find everything that our Brewers Cup Champion, Martin Wölfl, used at the 2024 competition in Chicago. Coffees, brewing equipment, filter papers, cups and much more. So that you too can brew and enjoy your world champion coffee at home.

There are often many people and products behind a world champion title. We offer you instructions, recipes, videos and of course all the products that led our wild coffee champion to the world champion title. Then you can brew your very own world champion coffee at home and impress friends and relatives with it.

The only thing we can't offer you here is the years of practical experience that Martin Wölf has acquired over the past few years. But if you have all the equipment, you can train every day. And who knows where that will take you one day!


All information about the world champion coffees

Here you will soon find very special specialty coffee, also known as championship coffee. These are not just specialty coffees, but coffees that have been prepared especially for competitions. Here you will find Gesha beans from Colombia, for example. Special lots from La Palma y el Tucan and from Café Granja La Esperanza.


Equipment from the World Brewers Cup

17 grams of specialty coffee, 270 milliliters of self-mixed water with minerals from Apax Lab and a lot of skill brought Martin Wölfl the title of world champion. And other equipment. Including filter paper from Sibarist Coffee , drippers from Orea and cups from 2-WayCup .


World Brewers Cup 2024

After Martin Wölfl only finished second to last at the World Brewers Cup in Athens in 2023, he was already toying with the idea of ​​quitting completely and devoting himself only to Wildkaffee Austria and other things.

But then he wanted to try it "one last" time. That was an excellent decision, because he won the 2024 world championship title in Chicago. He held his own against 40 other filter coffee professionals from all over the world in several rounds. In the end, he won with 481 points.