Microlot Coffee - Discover our coffee from Brazil

It's time again for a new Microlot Coffee. Our farmer Ismael from Brazil has something for you - our new Brasil Microlot Coffee ! The coffee was harvested on July 13th, 2021 and is now available in our online shop and in the show roastery in Partenkirchen ! With this Microlot Coffee, a lot of play was done with the fermentation of the coffee cherries. If you want to learn more about the process of coffee preparation, click here . You can find more information about fermentation in this article . But now back to the new Microlot Coffee from Brazil. It was grown on Ismael's São Silvestre farm . The farm is located at an altitude of 1200 m, in the middle east of Brazil. Due to the beauty of nature and the good climate, the area around the farm is often referred to as untouched wilderness. You can find out more information about the farm, the Microlot Coffee from Brazil and its production process in this blog article . Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you a lot of fun reading.


Microlot Coffee from Brazil - Facts about the farm

As already mentioned above, this microlot coffee comes from our farmer Ismael from Brazil and his São Silvestre. The farm covers a good 400 hectares and has space for over 2 million coffee plants. The varieties Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Yellow Bourbon and Red Icatú are cultivated there at 1200 meters above sea level. The harvest season begins at the end of May and lasts until August. Over 40 employees are employed during this period. You can enjoy the breathtaking nature around the plantation. Great landscapes, untouched wilderness and the fresh air, as well as the climate characterize this growing region. Not only the team around farmer Ismael and his brothers love this nature, the coffee plants also feel very comfortable there. The Andrade family has been growing coffee there since 1901.

Microlot Coffee from Brazil - Interesting facts about the processing

First of all, the best coffee cherries must of course be found for the processing process. Cherries that contain a high concentration of glucose and fructose are suitable for aerobic processing. The Red Catuai variety was then selected with the help of a refractometer. The cherries were then harvested exactly on July 13, 2021 and sorted several times after harvest. With the help of a modern sorting machine that works based on the density of the cherries, only the unripe cherries are sorted out. After this process, the cherries are sorted again by color by another machine before the really perfect fruits are filled into so-called open air tanks and fermented for 86 hours at an average of 24 degrees. After fermentation, the temperature of the slimy coffee mass is around 35 degrees. The Microlot Coffee is now poured from the tanks into the drying beds. The drying process takes 28 days, significantly longer than with other coffees. The longer drying time ensures that the Microlot Coffee is more uniform.


Microlot Coffee from Brazil - An exciting taste picture emerges

Our roasting master Stalti has lightly roasted the Microlot Coffee from Brazil. The fermentation, the significantly longer drying process and the gentle processing in the wild coffee roastery produce very exciting flavors in this Microlot Coffee. The light roast is ideal for preparation as a filter coffee. It creates a sweet, fruity flavor with special notes of red berries. If you like fruity espressos, you can also prepare your Brasil Microlot Specialty Coffee in a portafilter or stovetop pot as a light espresso. Both preparations definitely provide unique flavors and you can see that the Andrade family put a lot of time and experience into their coffee production.

Specialty coffee preparation in a hand filter - The preparation can be seen in the cup

Let's get to the implementation! We'll show you two exciting ways to get the most out of your Microlot Coffee from Brazil, because it's really versatile.

To prepare with the hand filter you need 20 grams of Brasil Microlot Coffee , 300ml of water (89-94 degrees) and your hand filter set, for example the new Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper in combination with the Kalita Wave filter paper .

1. Insert the filter paper into the hand filter and rinse both the filter and your cup or carafe with hot water.

2. Now put the ground Microlot Coffee from Brazil into the filter, swirl it a little to create a straight coffee bed and pour in about 60ml of water in circular movements - let it brew for 30 seconds !

3. Now add the remaining 240ml of water slowly and constantly in circular movements.

4. The brewing process should take between 2:30 - 3 minutes .

5. Enjoy!

As mentioned above, the preparation and drying process play a major role in the end result in your cup. The fermentation provides the special fruity, sweet notes. In combination with the gentle roasting process, this specialty coffee is created, which stands out clearly from other filter coffees. It is definitely worth trying!


Something different! Microlot Coffee prepared as espresso

Want to try something new? Then prepare the light roasted specialty coffee from Ismael from Brazil in a portafilter as a light espresso!

For a double espresso you need 19 - 22g of ground Brasil Microlot Coffee , a portafilter machine of course, and the water temperature should be set to 92 degrees .

1. Unclamp your portafilter and wipe it clean with a cloth.

2. Weigh your coffee carefully and put it in the carrier. Ideally, you should grind your coffee fresh so that the special taste of the Microlot Coffee is preserved for as long as possible.

3. Now distribute the coffee grounds evenly and compact them using a tamper.

4. Rinse the brewing groups and then insert the portafilter.

5. Place the cup under the spout and start the brewing process. For 40ml, this should take between 25 - 30 seconds .

6. Enjoy!

You will experience a completely new espresso experience. The light roasting and the resulting acidity make the espresso very fruity. The strong taste typical of espresso combined with this fruitiness is certainly not for everyone, but definitely something for coffee fans who are a little more adventurous. Just give it a try!

If you fancy this Microlot Coffee from Brazil, then take a look at our online shop . There you will also find many other coffee specialties . You can find further accessories for making coffee here .

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