Die Aufgaben eines Kaffeefarmers

The tasks of a coffee farmer

After having dealt in detail with coffee cultivation in the last blog articles, we want to delve a little deeper into the subject in this article. One farmer we have been working with for around 10 years now is Ismael Andrade from Brazil. The Andrade family has been growing high-quality coffee on their plantations in Brazil since 1901. The two Andrade brothers also won the Cup of Excellence in 2019. Wild coffee fans may still remember this edition - the beans were available as a special edition in our online shop at the time . To this day, the farms of Ismael Andrade & Co stand for coffee of the best quality - always produced according to the principles of organic farming ! But what tasks does a coffee farmer have to perform every day? What is particularly important? What has changed in recent years? We want to answer all of these questions for you in this article! Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun immersing yourself in the world of coffee farmers!

Coffee farmer Ismael Andrade - What does he actually do?

To begin with, we want to give you a rough outline of the tasks a coffee farmer has to perform on a daily basis. Growing coffee is a lengthy process that must always be adapted to the external climatic conditions. That's not easy... especially in times of global warming, there are numerous things to consider with regard to cultivation. More on that later. The basic task of a farmer is quite simple to explain: It is growing coffee! But the tasks behind cultivation are varied and extensive. This begins with the selection of the right variety, i.e. the type to be planted. Once a variety has been selected, the external conditions still have to be adapted to ensure optimal, high-yield cultivation. Surrounding trees are usually pruned for perfect sun-shade management , so that the bushes are perfectly supplied with light.

Ismael Andrade Coffee Farmer

Taking care of the farms

In addition, the plants must be fertilized and monitored regularly so that they grow optimally. If you rely on organic farming , you also have to produce your own organic fertilizers . Finally, there are regular quality controls, of course the harvest and general management with regard to export and employees. Managing a coffee plantation involves numerous work steps that are often overlooked. So it's not just about the coffee, but also about the organization of the entire plantation, because the Andrade Bros own a total of 4 fincas on which the coffee is grown.

As already mentioned, coffee farmer Ismael Andrade doesn't just manage one plantation, but three. The Finca Capim Branco, known from our Brasil Capim Branco , the Finca Dolce Gerrado and the Finca São Silvestre . The latter is known for its particularly tasty Microlot Coffees , of which you can often find an excellent variety in our online shop ! The coffee is cultivated at between 1,100 and 1,200 meters above sea level. The climatic and natural conditions there are best for growing high-quality coffee specialties. The nutrient-rich volcanic rock soils in the region also play a major role in ensuring that the coffee can thrive so well.

Coffee cherries Ismael Andrade Yellow Catuai

Coffee farmer Ismael - What is especially important to him!

For the Andrade Bros, the completely in-house production and export is a particularly important matter. This means Ismael can guarantee that only the highest quality standards apply in cultivation, processing, storage and export. These standards are then regularly ensured through regular quality controls. But this high quality does not come from nowhere. Ismael Andrade and his team have been focusing on the production of exquisite specialty coffees since the 1970s .

In the 1990s, the Andrades and two other smaller farmers founded the Brasil Specialty Coffee Association , which helps small farmers in the region to plan and market their harvests correctly. The topic of sustainability has also been addressed there for some time. The Andrades, together with the BSCA, want to convert coffee cultivation to organic farming in the long term .

Which varieties does coffee farmer Ismael cultivate?

Typically, the varieties Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuai and Red Catuai are grown on the various farms in Brazil. These feel particularly comfortable on the volcanic rock soils. As a result, the best coffee beans from Brazil are produced, which shine with an excellent cup profile. You can of course try the different coffees with us. In our online shop you will find the Brasil Capim Branco - ideal for all preparation methods , or the Brasil Microlots ideal as filter coffee among the light roasts in our shop .

Coffee farmer El Salvador Leonhard Wild

An interview with coffee farmer Ismael Andrade

Would you like even more information about Brazilian coffee, coffee farmer Ismael Andrade and general coffee cultivation in Brazil? Then be sure to check out our YouTube video. Our colleague Taoko conducted a complete interview with coffee farmer Ismael Andrade . Ismael gives you a detailed look behind the scenes of his daily work and also explains the difficulties that climate change brings with it when it comes to growing coffee.

Organic farming also plays a major role! Ismael explains how he implements the sustainable standards of this new farming method on his fincas and what complications this encountered. He never lost sight of his goal of producing the perfect cup of coffee . But Ismael is not losing sight of the next generation either. He is already beginning to pass on his knowledge and his entire craft to his descendants, but handing over a coffee farm is a lengthy process that does not happen overnight. Ismael also explains in the video whether the work on the coffee farms is done by hand or whether machines are also used. Because the landscape and the conditions of the surroundings play a very important role in the use of machines. Before I give away too much, I hope you enjoy this really exciting interview.

Coffee farmers summarized!

The work of a coffee farmer is not just the "simple" cultivation of a few coffee bushes . It is a science in itself that takes many different aspects into account. Among other things, it is the right selection of different varieties, the constant care including shade management of the entire plantation, ongoing quality controls and administrative tasks! Coffee farmer Ismael Andrade looks after a total of 3 different plantations : the Finca Capim Branco, the Finca São Silvestre and the Finca Dolce Gerrado. The focus on sustainability is now increasing on all 3 farms. Coffee farmer Ismael Andrade and his large team now rely on the principles of organic farming.

This means that the surrounding nature and the raw materials are protected with the utmost care. For example, our own fertilizers are produced with the remains of the coffee cherries and our own microorganisms are produced for processing. This creates a circular economy that is now seen as a further development of organic coffee cultivation . If you now feel like trying the coffee from Brazil yourself, then be sure to visit our online shop! There you will find the classic, the Brasil Capim Branco , as well as unique specialty coffees from Brazil, mostly from the well-known Finca São Silvestre! We hope you enjoy trying them! #staywild