Coffee preparation on the go

In the current Corona period, some people are certainly happy to be safe (again) at home and not have to worry about returning home in a hotel or at the airport. However, many of those who are now working from home or on short-time work may also be longing for faraway places and are already dreaming of their next vacation when travel is possible again without restrictions.

Coffee preparation on the go - brewing on the road

For those who don't want to miss out on reliably good-tasting coffee while on vacation, there are some good preparation methods that are portable and travel-friendly. This is explicitly not about the many coffee preparation methods that are specifically aimed at backpackers or those who travel light and are optimized in terms of weight and dimensions .

Rather, it is about showing that some of the many methods of preparing coffee at home can also be used on the go and that you don't necessarily have to buy something new for your upcoming trips. The most important thing is and remains good coffee - if push comes to shove, you can simply pour hot water over it like a cowboy and drink it straight from the (enamel) cup.

Coffee preparation on the go - the AeroPress

The AeroPress is a safe all-purpose weapon for any type of vacation. It is so light and handy that it can fit in any piece of luggage or dangle from your backpack next to a pair of hiking boots. In the spirit of "one thing, everything in one", the AeroPress also comes with a metal filter, so you don't even have to think about filter paper . However, the small, round filter papers are definitely more advisable for lighter roasts in order to get a clear, crisp cup .



Coffee preparation on the go - the Carl Henkel

The next variant is very similar to preparation with the Carl Henkel . However, you should be a little more patient. But on vacation, you shouldn't really be in a hurry. So if you want to invest 10-15 minutes of your time , you can also enjoy a wonderful coffee with the French press . The trick? Make as little effort as possible. That's good for vacation, isn't it? With the French press , as with the Carl Henkel, you only need coffee, water and, optionally, a pair of scales. And hey presto, you have a delicious coffee in your cup with the French press.

Coffee preparation on the go - the Bialetti

Design icon, collector's item and the epitome of classic, Italian coffee enjoyment : the Bialetti, also known as the stovetop pot, can be found in almost every household in the world, but has fallen out of favor with many coffee lovers. Unfortunately, if it is not kept clean (keyword: coffee oils) and handled incorrectly, it quickly produces bitter, over-extracted coffee with a rancid finish. But especially when travelling with a gas stove, it is not only practical and creates a holiday feeling right from the start, but if used correctly and, above all, cared for, it can also produce delicious, full-bodied coffee . It is important to always rinse it out well and wipe out the brown coffee oils. It should always be silver on the inside and on the underside of the sieve. When storing it, just screw it on lightly so that the lower water container gets air and the rubber seal on the sieve is protected.



Coffee preparation on the go -
Other interesting methods

The more powerful version of the Bialetti is the Bellman cx 25. Not only can you use it to make almost espresso, but the integrated milk nozzle can also be used to froth creamy milk foam for your breakfast cappuccino . It even has a built-in pressure gauge that you can use to manually determine when to brew. The Bellman can build up significantly more pressure than conventional mocha pots and the steam wand for frothing milk is a real unique selling point for stovetop pots.

If you like something small and handy and don't want to miss out on a good cup of filter coffee when you're on the go, the Cafflano Compact is a good choice. It's not for nothing that this invention has been awarded regularly, for example in the 2017/18 ISPO Award in the category of 'Best New Consumer Product' . And it has also attracted attention in many other outdoor areas. The small, compact device can be easily opened and closed, similar to an accordion.

To make it easier to transport, it is made of BPA-free plastic and silicone. The metal filter is made of stainless steel. The filter is 108mm wide and 61mm high when folded. It can then be stored in the small, handy and shock-resistant Cafflano carrying box. The carrying bag has a hand strap and is included in the set. This makes the box easy to transport in a backpack or even without a bag. This ingenious idea is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning at the summit at sunrise. But the Cafflano Compact is also suitable for all other leisure and holiday destinations. All you need is ground coffee , water at the right temperature and a cup.

The great thing about this filter method is that no paper filter is needed, as a solid metal filter has been used. This not only saves you money, but also does something good for nature. To get the device ready, first unscrew the metal filter and rinse the brewing flask with hot water. Then put 16 g of ground coffee (grinding level: filter) into the flask. Then pour in 60 ml of water and wait for approx. 30 to max. 45 seconds. Then pour in the remaining 140 ml of water slowly and steadily. Now screw the metal filter back on to the device, turn it over and place it on a cup. After 1.5 minutes, press the coffee into the cup - done!

Enjoy it, no matter which method you use, and don't forget: Wildkaffee has good beans. #staywild !