Life-changing: the espresso doppio

Espresso doppio is twice the taste, caffeine and enjoyment in just one cup of coffee. And you know what they say: two is better than one!

The saying is often true. It also applies to espresso. Two espressos make you more alert and alert than just one. But the double kick, the espresso doppio, is more than just two espressos in one cup. And yet that is exactly what it is . Simply put, you could make two espressos and serve them in just one cup. And that's an espresso doppio. But there's a little more to the double espresso. You can find out where it comes from, how you make it, what you need for it and how you can use it further here.

Espresso doppio – where does it come from?

As you can easily tell from the name, the espresso doppio, or caffè doppio, comes from Italy . Doppio means “double” in Italian. And we talk about caffè because in Italy you traditionally order caffè rather than espresso. So if you order a coffee in a bar in Italy, you will get an espresso . The Italians are just peculiar about that. But don’t worry, there are many different types of coffee there too. If you want to enjoy your coffee for a little longer, you have two main options: caffè doppio and caffè lungo. With the latter, the amount of coffee remains the same as with espresso and the barista uses twice the amount of water to prepare it. The espresso doppio, on the other hand , doubles the amount of coffee powder and water . The espresso doppio is therefore something for lovers of Italian coffee and especially for those who need a double kick of caffeine. This applies to waking up in the morning, to cheer you up after a day at work… or just in between meals.

Preparing the espresso doppio

Dark roasts that are also used for a simple espresso are particularly suitable for an espresso doppio. Such as our Wilderer , the Bergsonne or the Coffee School Project El Salvador Espresso . Of course, you can choose your favorite espresso yourself. We have also put together two different sample packages for dark roasts especially for this purpose. So if you don't have a favorite espresso yet, you might find it with our sample packages .

Espresso doppio is best prepared using a portafilter machine . But instead of the usual 17 to 30 ml of water, use twice the amount, i.e. 34 to 60 ml . You also need twice the amount of ground coffee, i.e. between 16 and 20 grams . If you use less ground coffee, you end up with a different coffee speciality – the aforementioned caffè lungo. Everything else is then done in the same way as when making just one espresso. The extraction time is also the usual, at 25 to 30 seconds , just as if you were making two espressos… but they end up in a single cup just for you. This means you not only get twice the enjoyment, but also a double kick, with around 66 mg of caffeine . For comparison: a simple espresso has around 33 mg of caffeine.

As already mentioned, a dark roast is important for an espresso doppio. Which one you use is entirely up to you. Of course, you should generally use high-quality coffee beans - ideally they should have been roasted recently. The fresher the roast, the better the espresso doppio will taste. True coffee lovers therefore regularly buy freshly roasted beans from one of the many roasters, such as Wildkaffee . The experts then grind their coffee just before brewing - then the espresso doppio brings out the full variety of flavors and a rich aroma density. Extraction


Step by step to the espresso doppio

You will need: ideally a portafilter machine , 16 to 20 g espresso and water (92 degrees Celsius)

  1. Remove the portafilter for double shot and wipe it with a cloth
  2. Pour the freshly ground coffee into the carrier
  3. Distribute coffee evenly in the carrier and compact it with a tamper
  4. Rinse the brewing group and insert the portafilter
  5. Place a large, preheated cup under the spout and start the brewing process. It should take between 20 and 30 seconds
  6. Enjoy an espresso doppio!

Espresso doppio – fully automatic or portafilter?

There are various ways to prepare an espresso doppio. Historically, an espresso machine, i.e. one with a portafilter, is the best . This machine, or rather the process on which it is based, was developed and patented in 1884 by the Italian Angelo Moriondo. Thus, espresso was only born with the development of the method and the machine. Extracting coffee using steam, pressure and hot water and the associated machine were then made commercially successful by Luigi Bezzera in the early 1900s. Over the following years, the Italians perfected this process: Desiderio Pavoni in particular contributed to this. At first he experimented a lot with the parameters and finally worked out the values ​​for a successful espresso or espresso doppio that are still valid today. In other words, extraction time, pressure, and the amount of water and coffee.

Of course, you can also brew your espresso doppio with a fully automatic machine . The machines often already have an option for a double espresso. All you have to do is press a button and enjoy the double kick. However, we would advise against machines that use pads or even coffee capsules. On the one hand, this can quickly become a cost trap and on the other hand, you miss out on choosing the right coffee beans of the best quality yourself. In addition, capsules in particular produce a lot of unnecessary waste.

So if you value high-quality espresso, you will probably no longer be able to avoid a portafilter machine at some point. Lovers swear by the short coffee, where the water is only in contact with the powder for a short time because it is pressed through with a lot of pressure. This process not only keeps your espresso doppio as free of bitter substances as possible , but it also gets its typical crema, which simply doesn't work as well with a fully automatic coffee machine. Nevertheless, you should prepare your espresso doppio the way you like it best. You could also make it in a stovetop pot, for example.


Variations for more variety

The best thing about the espresso doppio is that it is not only pure enjoyment, but can also be the basis for other varied and delicious coffee specialties. If you add a shot of frothed milk, for example, you get a "macchiato", i.e. a stained espresso doppio. With a little more milk foam and a touch of cocoa powder on top , you turn it into a cappuccino doppio . And in summer, the espresso doppio, together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, also makes a delicious dessert, the affogato. Another coffee specialty for hot days is the "shakerato": the espresso doppio is shaken vigorously with a little sugar and ice cubes - not stirred. This creates a creamy, ice-cold coffee drink for hot summer afternoons.


The espresso doppio is therefore primarily for those who want a double kick of caffeine . This applies in the morning to wake up quickly, as well as after a good lunch or whenever you feel like it. The espresso doppio quickly gets your body going and you can refine it as you wish. The espresso doppio also offers a flavor-intensive coffee experience with a full variety of flavors. All you need is a machine of your choice, your favorite coffee bean - preferably from wild coffee, of course - and the right amount of water, time and pressure. #staywild