The perfect coffee cup

Is there such a thing as the perfect coffee cup? Are there special features that you should consider for the perfect cup? Most coffee fans are very demanding when choosing their perfect coffee cup. Many associate a special moment with the coffee cup they have chosen. No wonder, because in almost every souvenir shop you can find a coffee cup that is meant to remind you of a special place or sight. But are there actually differences in taste that relate to the format of the cup ? I will give you the answer to this question in this article. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering.

The perfect coffee cup for espresso

Depending on which coffee drink you prefer, there are certain characteristic properties in the cup that we are specifically looking for in this section. Let's start with the classic espresso . The perfect cup for espresso has a thick outer wall, preferably made of a material that keeps the espresso ideally warm. Materials such as porcelain or ceramic offer perfect properties for maintaining the temperature of your espresso. Plastic or metal cups have the exact opposite effect . The heat escapes quickly from such cups and then ensures that your espresso would cool down very quickly. In addition, the thicker cup wall generally ensures that the temperature in the cup remains constant and consistently high.

But let's also take a look at the size of the perfect coffee cup. Typically , the perfect cup for espresso is smaller . The diameter in particular brings visual advantages for your flavorful espresso. With a larger surface area, the crema has to expand and therefore becomes a bit thinner and simply no longer looks as appealing. With the classic cup for espresso, the crema remains sturdier and thicker . In terms of taste, however, the shape of the cup is more important. For some time now, the shape of the cup has been based on that of a wine glass. This is because narrow cups achieve a more aromatic flavor profile than wider cups.

We have also prepared a little tip for you! We recommend that you always preheat your coffee cups! Especially with espressos! Cold cups make your espresso taste more acidic.

The perfect coffee cup for cappuccino

Let's move on to a real classic among milk coffee drinks - the cappuccino! Of course, there is also a perfect cup for this delicious preparation. In fact, the properties of the cup for espresso and the cup for cappuccino are almost identical . However, there are a few small differences. Just like the espresso cup, the perfect cup for cappuccino is made of porcelain or ceramic. In contrast to the espresso cup, the thickness of the coffee cup only plays a secondary role .


Because the cappuccino has a much higher amount of liquid, the drink stays warm for longer and at a constant temperature . The biggest difference between the cappuccino cups is the shape. Typically, the cappuccino cup is narrower at the bottom and gets wider as it gets higher. This ensures that the crema remains stable before the milk is poured in. Thanks to the width of the cup, the surface area is also larger. This makes it easier to pour an artistic latte art.

The perfect coffee cup for latte

One drink where the shape of the cup is not a cause for debate is definitely the latte macchiato . A large glass with the usual 3 layers: milk foam - espresso - milk! There are actually no special differences that you need to consider with a latte macchiato glass. Of course, you can swap the glass for a porcelain or ceramic vessel so that the heat can be better preserved, but this is absolutely not necessary, especially given the large amount of milk. From a purely visual point of view, a glass is actually the nicer option, as you can show off the 3 layers of your latte macchiato so beautifully.


The perfect cup for filter coffee

It is actually the cups for filter coffee that people start to experiment with. The special shape of a cup for filter coffee can influence the overall aroma and the taste on the tongue . However, there is no such thing as the perfect filter coffee cup. On the contrary, there are many different views on how a cup for filter coffee should be constructed. The biggest difference, however, can be seen in the way we look at the product, coffee itself.

If you are looking for an everyday cup for filter coffee, the most important thing is that the temperature remains constant and the size suits your personal sensibilities. Often it is a cup with a funny saying, or a place or sight that you have recently visited. Or maybe it is the first cup you find in your cupboard - the main thing is a cup... the main thing is coffee... 😀

However, if you look at the cup for filter coffee from the perspective of the specialty coffee area , the shape of the cup can create slight differences in taste. The winner of the “Austrian Brewers Cup” Martin Wölfl took this rather complex assumption on himself and designed various cups specifically for filter coffee . Martin took the basic principle of a coffee cup one step further and developed a set consisting of 3 cups made of the same material, but different shapes and colors. With each cup, the taste of the coffee in the coffee cup changes. The coffee is then a little sweeter, more bitter or more acidic. He achieved this by using different openings in the cup. This means that the coffee hits the tongue a little differently and ensures that the taste buds are stimulated differently, so that different flavors dominate. But the colors of the cups also play a subconscious role. His cups also have a special thickness to guarantee the best drinking temperature for the coffee.


The perfect coffee cup for you

Ultimately, it's still your decision. Of course, there are special coffee cups for every type of preparation, but your personal preferences should come first. Of course, the perfect cup can bring out the taste of the particular preparation, e.g. espresso, cappuccino or filter coffee, better, but the differences to "conventional" everyday cups are not all that significant. If you 're a real specialty coffee nerd , then you might have found a new toy with the special filter coffee cups from Martin Wölfl. The cups' special openings ensure that the specialty filter coffee touches your tongue differently, so that different aromas dominate depending on the shape of the opening. With cappuccino and espresso, it's more the visual properties that influence the cup.

In the espresso cup, the crema is more compressed, while the crema in the cappuccino cup should remain stable. The larger surface also makes it easier for you to pour artistic latte art . If you prefer to drink latte macchiato and are looking for the perfect coffee cup for latte, then we can reassure you. Of course, a larger glass is recommended for your latte macchiato so that you can see the 3 layers of milk foam, espresso and milk, but real specific differences are not noticeable thanks to the high milk content. If you have now found your perfect coffee cup and your favorite coffee from our shop , then I hope you enjoy it and #staywild!