Brewers Cup Series

Cups from 2-WayCup

The 2-WayCups are available in two sizes: 130 ml for espresso, tea or sake and 330 ml for filter coffee or Americano. Each size is available in different colors, each representing specific flavor profiles, such as orange for orange blossom and bergamot or gray for nutty flavors.

The company 2-WayCup specializes in the development of innovative drinking vessels that offer a unique taste experience. The 2-WayCup was developed by Gary Au, co-founder of Urban Coffee Roaster and winner of the Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Championship 2021. The idea behind the 2-WayCup is to enable two different taste experiences with a single cup.

Advantages of 2-WayCup

The special advantage of the 2-WayCups lies in their design, which allows two different drinking methods. The narrower rim of the cup directs the liquid to the front and middle of the tongue, resulting in sweeter and more intense flavors. The wider, funnel-shaped rim, on the other hand, distributes the liquid further back on the tongue, allowing the flavors to develop better and creating a longer-lasting aftertaste.

2-WayCups are particularly popular at coffee competitions as they allow judges to experience two flavor profiles in one mug. They are also appreciated by coffee enthusiasts and baristas who want to take their coffee experience to the next level.

Colors and taste

The color of each cup also corresponds to flavor profiles, helping you remember your favorite coffee.

Orange: orange blossom, bergamot
Purple: violets, grapes
Pink: peach, berries
Green: White grapes, melon, herbs
Grey: Nutty