Brewers Cup Series

Brew equipment from Orea

In addition to his skills and his feeling for great coffee, many small and large helpers contributed to Martin Wölfl's success at the World Brewers Cup 2024 in Chicago. As he himself said, six innovations led him to victory. One of them is the V4 Dripper from Orea . And because the manufacturer has many other great products, you can find everything we have from Orea here.

The company Orea was founded in London in 2021. At that time, the company launched its first dripper, the V2. Since then, the company has taken the coffee world by storm. The V2 dripper was followed by many further developments; Martin Wölfl worked with the latest version, the V4, at the 2024 World Brewers Cup in Chicago. In addition, there are now also server and cups, filter paper and the manufacturer's so-called Negotiator Tools.


History of Orea

It all came from an idea to develop a dripper for on the go, says company founder Horia. Actually, everything was developed out of a passion for coffee, and the founder had not expected that his products would be such a hit in the scene. Now, almost three years later, Orea is one of the most popular brew equipment manufacturers in the world.
The company itself has set itself the goal of creating "the best equipment for filter coffee". In doing so, they pursue an iterative and open-minded approach to product development. Orea also wants to produce products "that last a lifetime". To do this, the company uses the best materials - ideally already recycled or recyclable.