Brewers Cup Series

Filter papers for professionals

Sibarist and Martin Wölfl have a long history. A few years ago, he and the company developed special filter papers for the Graycano Dripper - the result was the "Cone Special Edition". He then entered the Austrian Brewers Cup with it and won.

For his 2024 World Championship title in Chicago, Martin used Sibarist's FAST filter papers.

Sibarist is a Spanish company based in
Barcelona, ​​which specializes in producing innovative brew equipment,
especially filters for specialty coffee. Sibarist was
Founded in 2017 by engineers Joaquim Morató and Lambert Guix and
focuses on improving the extraction process through
careful design and material selection.

More about Sibarist

Their flagship product, the FAST filter, is known for its high permeability, which allows for faster and more consistent water flow than traditional filters. This design allows baristas to experiment with finer grinds and still achieve consistent extractions, minimizing problems such as over-extraction and astringency. The filters are made from a combination of abaca fiber and cellulose, ensuring durability and minimal impact on the flavor of the coffee.

Sibarist's commitment to quality extends to the manufacturing process, which takes place on-site in Barcelona to ensure strict quality control. Their products are aimed at both professional baristas and coffee lovers, and aim to provide equipment that enhances the brewing experience through precision and consistency.