China Black Dragon Pearl - Black Tea

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The Black Dragon Pearl is full-bodied, soft and impresses with sweet, slightly chocolatey malt notes . Its complex taste is reminiscent of whiskey and cognac.

Type of tea: Black tea

Ingredients: Pure black tea



  • About the tea

    The Black Dragon Pearl is not just a pearl in appearance. This handcrafted black tea comes from a region that is famous for its high-quality teas.

    Yunnan is part of the Golden Triangle of tea origins. And gold can also be found in the fine, hand-turned balls of the Black Dragon Pearl. The many young tea buds, which shimmer golden after oxidation, unfold in a very special way, both visually and in terms of taste, with the large tea leaves in the infusion.

  • Characteristics

    Leaf: beautiful little pearls that unfold into large tea leaves

    Infusion: delicate copper-amber color

    Aroma: Very fragrant cocoa and chocolate aromas. You can also detect notes of leather and mushrooms.

    Taste: Full-bodied brew with subtle cocoa notes. Soft, sweet dark chocolate and mocha flavors in the foreground, with a light hint of leathery and earthy notes in the background.


Preparation recommendation

For the best brew, steep the pearls in a large teapot or directly in the cup without disturbing them. The brew will be soft and sweet, and it will also be unforgiving if you accidentally leave it to steep for too long. It's helpful to know that you can steep this tea multiple times without it losing flavor.

Water: The water should be almost boiling (90 - 95 °C)

Quantity: 7 - 8 g loose leaf tea to 500 ml water

Brewing time: 3 - 5 minutes

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Wildkaffee Roastery

China Black Pearl Tea

Black Dragon Pearl Tea is one of the rarest black teas in the world and is a tightly rolled tea from the Yunnan province of China. A tea of ​​exquisite sweetness and earthiness, with a hint of cocoa, this tea is simply perfect.

The dragon is a Chinese national symbol that symbolizes both authority and luck. Several Chinese emperors wore this symbol. The ancient Chinese dragons symbolize chi - energy - and also represent new beginnings, success and prosperity and are extremely popular among Asian symbols.

It is known that the tea most likely originated in the Yunnan province of China. In the mist-shrouded mountains and winding rivers of the region, tea trees can be found that are more than 1,700 years old and still produce tea today. These thousand-year-old Camellia Sinensis trees are never pruned and produce probably the finest black tea in the entire country.

When should you drink China Black Pearl Tea?

A wonderful tea to start the day! Let your energy flow as the beautiful bubbles unfold in your cup.

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