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Pai Mu Tan, also known as White Peony , is one of the highest quality white teas.

Type of tea: White tea

Ingredients: Pure white tea



  • About the tea

    The best qualities come from China, primarily from the Fujian region. Pai Mu Tan is harvested exclusively by hand. Only the delicate buds that are just opening and the first two leaves are picked for the white peony. Good quality can be recognized by the many different colors and large, green leaves.

    The leaves are wilted and dried directly without rolling them. Since the oxidation is not stopped, a slight oxidation of a maximum of 5% occurs. In terms of taste, Pai Mu Tan is characterized by its delicate, elegant full-bodiedness and freshness, as well as its fine floral notes.

  • Characteristics

    Leaf: Naturally formed delicate leaves and silvery buds

    Infusion: Light golden

    Aroma: Fruity sweetness with floral notes

    Taste: Fresh, full mouthfeel, with notes of flowers and ripe yellow fruit. Slightly sweet, without bitterness.

  • About processing

    Picking time: early spring

    Oxidation: 5%

    White tea is the least processed type of tea. Our China Pai Mu Tan is only slightly oxidized so that the infusion retains its natural freshness and nutrients. Because the leaves are only slightly wilted and dried, the tea retains its natural shape. It is made from the very young bud, the two youngest leaves and also from the whole branches and stems. Because the leaves and buds are so young, they are still covered with fine white hairs.

    During the entire process, the leaves are handled very carefully so that they do not break. If the leaves break, they oxidize more quickly and the quality of the white tea is affected. Once again, white tea proves to be one of the most delicate beverages.


Preparation recommendation

China Pai Mu Tan and white tea in general are so delicate that you must pay the utmost attention to the preparation of your tea. The quality of the water is very important: cool, fresh, filtered water or spring water are always the best choice. In addition, to preserve the potential of your tea, you should use a teapot in which the leaves fit completely without breaking and in which they can develop unhindered. This is the only way to preserve all the aromas and flavors of your Pai Mu Tan.

Water: The water should not be above 75 °C.

Quantity: 7 - 8 g / 500 ml

Brewing time: 2 minutes

You can also steep the same leaves up to 3 times with the same amazing results.

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Wildkaffee Roastery

China Pai Mu Tan


White tea, especially China Pai Mu Tan (also called White Peony), is considered a real delicacy. Compared to other types of tea (green tea, black tea, oolong, etc.), it is the least processed. To produce Pai Mu Tan, the plant must be harvested before it opens completely. Farmers pick the very young buds from the plant, which are still covered with very fine white hairs: this is why it is called white tea.

Immediately after picking the buds and the first leaves, they are laid out to dry to avoid any oxidation. In this way, the leaves retain their green color and the infusion is very fresh and delicate.

It is believed that during the time of the Chinese emperors between the years 600 and 1300, citizens had to pay the emperor an annual tribute in the form of the finest tea. This tea tax was usually paid with white teas, as these were the youngest and most tender buds of the highest quality tea plants.

Just as in the days of the old tea tax, white teas are still considered a very fine delicacy today. Their fine flavors and aromas are rare and highly valued. Even today, white tea is harvested and processed by hand, which makes it even more special.


China Pai Mu Tan comes from Fuding in the Chinese province of Fujian, a region where tea has been grown for more than 1,000 years and is the cradle of white tea.

When should you drink China Pai Mu Tan?

China Pai Mu Tan is the perfect brew if you are looking for a relaxing moment but still want to enjoy a beautiful, complex cup.

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