Black coffee - different variants and advantages

How do you like to drink your coffee? As a cappuccino or flat white, or perhaps you prefer it simply – black. The latter is drunk just as often as all milky coffee drinks.

The term black coffee has become very ingrained in our society and simply means pure coffee, i.e. without milk, sugar or other additives . But black is not always black. There are numerous ways to drink black coffee. The preparation varies from country to country and coffee culture . Pure coffee also offers certain advantages. In this article, you will find out exactly what black coffee is, what the advantages and disadvantages are and what different ways to enjoy it. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering.


Black coffee - definition

Not all black coffee is the same. It's not just about the color of the drink, because this doesn't change when sugar is added. Basically, black means nothing more than pure coffee enjoyment without the addition of milk, sugar or other substances that soften or change the taste and intensity of the coffee. In fact, there are numerous negative prejudices about this type of coffee in our society, three of which we will address and refute in the course of this article, because pure coffee is much better than its reputation and it is common practice, especially in the area of ​​specialty coffee .

Myth #1 - "The cheap rubbish"

In fact, some people label black coffee as inferior and cheap . This is a terrible prejudice, because pure coffee has become increasingly fashionable, especially in the wake of the third coffee wave. And in general, many people prefer to drink their coffee black. When it comes to the taste of black coffee, however, it is clearly the quality and preparation of the beans that counts. A cheap blend from the discounter, where you cannot see where the beans come from, generally just doesn't taste good and is of inferior quality.

At a price of €10 per kilo, the question arises as to whether the farms are paid at all and what conditions prevail for the workers and nature there. If you choose a high-quality bean , you can look forward to a coffee with intense flavor. Whether it's filter coffee, Americano or Café Creme - if you prepare the beans correctly, your black coffee will be anything but "cheap swill". Quite the opposite, this is the best way to discover the unique notes of the various coffee specialties.


Myth #2 - He is particularly strong

The assumption that pure coffee is particularly strong has also become entrenched in our society. Many people claim that black coffee makes you jittery and restless. A misconception! Most coffee drinks are based on an espresso and then mixed with another additive.

In cappuccinos it is milk and in an Americano or café creme it is hot water. The caffeine content therefore remains exactly the same. Only filter coffee is considered to be a little stronger, but even if you were to dilute it with milk there would be hardly any difference. In our article on coffee caffeine content we have addressed this topic in more detail.

Myth #3 - It is unhealthy and indigestible

The hypothesis that black coffee is unhealthy and indigestible is also wrong. Of course, it also depends on the amount you drink regularly. It shouldn't be more than 5 cups a day . If you follow this rule, then pure coffee can have some positive effects on your body.

Coffee increases performance, relieves pain, delays sleep and boosts metabolism . However, it is recommended that coffee be drunk black. Milk and sugar not only contain a lot of calories that can definitely be avoided, but the positive effects on metabolism and performance are also lost. Of course, it is also important that the coffee is of high quality and has been processed gently. This is the only way to avoid acids that could potentially have a negative effect on your stomach and therefore also on digestibility.


Black coffee - great benefits for coffee fans

Now that we have addressed the negative prejudices about black coffee, let's move on to the many positive aspects that black coffee brings with it. Did you know that we actually only drink pure coffee at the Wild Coffee Roastery? Filter coffee is usually drunk with single-origin specialty coffees.

This is where the unique, special taste comes out best. Black coffee has the advantage that the country's typical flavors are particularly emphasized and come out in a puristic way . Furthermore, pure coffee, especially when prepared using a hand filter , is very easy to prepare and can be enjoyed practically anywhere. Of course, it is not only filter coffee that is enjoyed black.

The versions made with portafilters or fully automatic machines are also extremely popular. The taste of these coffees is a little stronger and has more of a chocolatey flavor, as different beans are used. In the following section, we will go into more detail about the selection of beans.

Suitable beans for each preparation

We usually drink pure coffee from the usual preparation methods of filter coffee , portafilter or fully automatic coffee machines. In addition to the care and maintenance of the machines, it is the beans that provide the special taste and the fine notes in the cup profile. The roasting and the country of origin of the coffee are particularly important in determining which notes you can expect in your black coffee. Let's take a closer look:

Filter coffee

For filter coffee preparation, we generally use light to medium roasts . These contain more acid and therefore more fruity aromas than darker roasts.

Medium roasts logically contain a little less acid and therefore develop slightly chocolatey, strong accents in the cup profile of your black coffee. Paired with fruity flavors, medium roasts are ideal as a strong filter coffee. If you like it a little milder and sweeter, our light specialty coffees are a good choice.

Portafilter & fully automatic

Portafilters and fully automatic machines are often used to prepare black coffee. Whether it's Americano , Café Creme, Espresso or Lungo. With portafilters and fully automatic machines, a range of delicious black coffees can be prepared, all of which stand out with different flavors.

We generally use dark and medium roasts for these two preparation methods. With dark roasts, your black coffee tastes particularly strong. Thanks to the longer roasting, the espressos are very low in acid and develop fine roasted, chocolaty notes in the cup profile. Medium roasts, on the other hand, are a little more balanced and make for milder coffee. Everyone has to decide for themselves which flavor worlds they prefer.


In different countries - how is it drunk where?

Of course, black coffee is not only drunk in Germany. Different countries produce different preparations . As already mentioned, black coffee is most popular in Germany as filter coffee . In Italy, espresso is traditionally drunk black. Also interesting is the black coffee from Switzerland - Schümli coffee .

Traditionally, it is a lighter espresso roast that is prepared as a café creme. In oriental countries, pure coffee is brewed in a small pot called a cezve or ibrik. In the USA, coffee is now preferably drunk as cold brew coffee , although Americano and filter coffee are also extremely popular and available.



Black coffee is as diverse as its prejudices. The general opinion about pure coffee is quite negative, which is actually completely wrong. In our short myth check, however, we will explain to you exactly what half-knowledge is out there. In contrast to the versions with milk or sugar, black coffee also has numerous advantages such as increasing performance or relieving pain. Pure coffee is usually drunk as filter coffee or from a portafilter or fully automatic machine.

Different countries have their own preferred way of drinking coffee. While in Germany filter coffee is clearly number 1, in Italy it is flavorful espressos! Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves which coffee they prefer. But we at the Wildkaffee Rösterei clearly love filter coffee! With a high-quality specialty coffee, lightly roasted, very special fruity-sweet flavors come to the fore. #staywild