Storing coffee beans - this is how your coffee stays fresh for a long time!

You know the feeling too... You've just received your coffee order from our online shop and now you're not sure how to best store the coffee beans or ground coffee? With this blog article, we want to help you out and present you with some options for storing your coffee beans, because high-quality coffee is not enough for a good cup of coffee , other factors also play a big role in the end result in your cup. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you a lot of fun reading!

Storing coffee beans - essential to preserve the taste

Coffee is a natural product and therefore needs to be stored correctly in order to preserve its taste and notes . Protection from the effects of oxygen, light and sun is particularly important. Oxygen causes the coffee to smoke relatively quickly and lose its aromas.

The worst case scenario for your beans is moisture or heat . If the coffee is stored in damp conditions, it runs the risk of mold and thus becoming completely unusable. If it is stored in too warm conditions, the coffee oxidizes and the natural oils in the beans become rancid . It is also advisable not to store the coffee near spices or other things with a strong smell. The strong smell of the spices is transferred to the coffee and can therefore be detected in your cup.


Storing coffee beans - oxygen causes loss of aroma

The solution to the puzzle is vacuum containers for storing coffee beans . These ensure that no oxygen gets to your coffee , which is responsible for the loss of aromas. The cans are equipped with a special valve, which ensures that the air escapes from the container when it is closed and can no longer get back in. You can of course order the vacuum containers in our online shop - accessories . We recommend the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Container - 1.2l. This can is even equipped with a special vacuum pump that is built into the lid and a unique sealing lip that seals the container. The vacuum cans from TightVac also offer ideal conditions for storing your coffee beans.

Of course, the vacuum container cannot protect your coffee 100% . Every contact with oxygen causes the coffee to lose some of its flavor, but the containers offer the ideal protection to keep your beans fresh. If you have taken a closer look at our bags , you have probably already noticed the valve. The bag also provides optimal protection from air and light. You can therefore put the entire bag in the vacuum container to optimally protect your beans.

Storing coffee beans so that your coffee stays fresh for a long time Wild Coffee Roastery Fellow Atmos

Storing ground coffee beans - experience & recommendation

Ground coffee is much more susceptible to loss of flavor than whole beans. The surface of the powder is much larger than that of the whole bean, so the natural oils in the coffee oxidize more quickly . The flavor is lost permanently. To counteract this, we recommend a coffee grinder. This way you can always grind your coffee fresh and enjoy the full flavor. The Hario "Skerton" PLUS or the electric coffee grinder Fellow Ode are excellent. With these grinders you can always grind your coffee fresh and easily for any type of preparation.

You can still store ground coffee beans and protect them with a vacuum container , but you should make sure that you use up the coffee as quickly as possible to lose as little of the aroma as possible. It should be noted that roasted coffee itself lasts forever, but the taste of the coffee simply changes and in terms of coffee enjoyment, we want to avoid this.

Storing coffee beans - how to keep your coffee fresh for a long time - Wild Coffee Roastery Vacuum Can

Storing coffee beans - Summary!

Let's summarize all the information briefly . Air, light and heat are not good for your coffee. It is best to store your beans in a cupboard that is odorless and dark . Use a vacuum container and our bag with aroma protection valve to preserve taste and freshness. Grind your coffee fresh and make sure to use it up quickly, because the fresher the coffee, the better it tastes. Humidity during storage can cause the coffee to go moldy, so avoid this at all costs.

Now all questions should be answered. If you still have questions about storing coffee beans, please send us a message on social media, Instagram and Facebook.