Losing weight with coffee - is it possible?

Drink coffee and lose a few extra pounds? Sounds too good to be true. Most people have probably tried to reduce their weight through diet and exercise.

What this has in common with coffee consumption and how coffee can help you lose weight is what you will find out in this blog article. We will show you exactly what you need to pay attention to and how losing weight with coffee can work . Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you a lot of fun reading.

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Losing weight with coffee - General information

One thing can be said in advance. Just drinking coffee won't make you slim. Of course, you need a healthy diet and an extensive exercise program . Losing weight with coffee alone is not possible. You should rather see coffee as a way to help you lose weight and that is exactly why you should develop a strategy so that losing weight with coffee works!

Coffee has some interesting effects on the body, which can be very helpful when combined with your exercise program. But as with any other method, losing weight with coffee requires discipline, willpower and, above all, motivation to change . If just one of these points is neglected, losing weight with coffee is difficult, so full speed ahead. Let's lose weight with coffee... or rather, let's first look at how losing weight with coffee can actually work , or in what way coffee can support weight loss.

Losing weight with coffee - it's all about the strategy!

Changing your diet is a big challenge for many people. You get food cravings, which aren't exactly helpful when it comes to weight loss. A cup of filter coffee or espresso can help, however. Coffee or caffeine is an ideal appetite suppressant and can satisfy your hunger for several hours . Another advantage is that coffee contains almost no calories. Coffee is therefore an excellent way to bridge the gap to the next meal. It is important that you drink the coffee without milk and sugar . These two additives contain sugar and therefore empty calories, which inhibit fat burning.

If you want to lose weight with coffee, the amount and regularity of consumption also play a big role. You should n't drink more than 3-4 cups a day and regular breaks are also important because the body quickly gets used to the effects of caffeine. So if you regularly drink a lot of coffee, you will find it a little more difficult to lose weight with coffee.

After eating, it is also advisable to drink an espresso or strong filter coffee . The caffeine promotes digestion and the food sticks less. Incidentally, this is a tip that is not only suitable for losing weight with coffee. Coffee can also help you maintain your weight.

How does losing weight with coffee work?

Coffee, with its caffeine content, ensures that our metabolism runs at full speed and gets going. Caffeine also increases fat burning. Coffee consumption causes the individual food components to be broken down more quickly and used to supply the body with energy. When you consume healthy foods with good nutritional values, these nutrients are better absorbed by your body and cells , which leads to an improvement in your energy balance and thus more calories being burned.

In addition, caffeine increases heat production in the body, which burns some additional calories . The increase in blood pressure and heart rate provides a certain boost to the metabolism, which also has a positive effect on losing weight with coffee.


If your metabolism is running at full speed, your body can process the various nutrients and exercise sessions more effectively , making losing weight with coffee easier. In combination with a balanced diet and a regular exercise program, losing weight with coffee is possible, or a good tool to supplement your weight loss program - especially if you're a coffee lover.

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Losing weight with coffee - more benefits!

You can also plan a cup of coffee before exercising, because coffee improves your athletic performance. But here, too, the same applies as with losing weight with coffee: the system! If you want to achieve increased performance, then you should drink the coffee specifically before the session. As a guideline, we recommend drinking a cup of filter coffee or an espresso 30 minutes before the session . This allows the stimulating effect of the coffee to unfold optimally and really boost your performance and weight loss with coffee.

Coffee is also a good choice after exercise because it has been proven to slow down muscle loss and can relieve the symptoms of muscle soreness.

Another effect that is particularly popular among cyclists is that the glycogen stores are recharged up to 65% faster after a long session. To achieve this, you need to drink a large amount of caffeine, e.g. coffee, with a carbohydrate-rich meal. To be honest, this method is not really suitable for everyday use. To achieve this effect, you would need to consume eight milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. For 75 kilograms, that would be around 600mg of caffeine, or 10 espressos. An amount that has nothing to do with enjoyment or health and certainly does not encourage weight loss with coffee. More for extreme athletes.


Lose weight with coffee - the most important thing is quality!

Quality is not only important when losing weight with coffee. A gentle roasting process and the high quality of the beans should be taken into account, especially with regard to sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Because awareness of the quality of food is a first step towards changing your life and improving your quality of life. Excellent coffee from our online shop can also be drunk without milk and sugar, which makes losing weight with coffee much easier.


YES! You can lose weight with coffee, but not through coffee. Coffee is a useful addition to sport and exercise. If you use it systematically in everyday life and when exercising, you can definitely benefit from its effects and fat-burning effect. It is important that the coffee is enjoyed without the addition of milk and sugar.

Make sure that you don't drink too much coffee per day and take a break every now and then, because if you drink too much coffee, your body gets used to the active ingredients. This means that losing weight with coffee, or the fat-burning effect, is unfortunately no longer as effective. #staywild