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9 products

Espresso from the Wildkaffee Roastery

Are you a fan of strong, tasty coffee? Then our dark roasts from the Wildkaffee roastery are the right choice for you. Our two roasting masters Hardi and Stalti roast the blends for our espresso varieties, fresh every day and individually for each variety.

Their years of experience and the high-quality green coffee create the familiar taste of our excellent espresso varieties. Our green coffee comes from coffee farmers with whom we have been working for years. This has led to the development of not only close business relationships, but also close friendships, which are constantly strengthened by annual trips to the farms.

With the best of conscience and the highest level of transparency, we can offer the finest espresso roasts and are happy to share this taste experience with you.

The preparation of particularly flavourful espressos

In order to get the maximum taste experience from our espresso beans, there are a few important things to consider, especially with regard to preparation. In general, dark roasts are suitable for preparing espressos. In order to achieve the typical nutty, chocolatey aromas in your cup profile, the right preparation method is required. We recommend preparation in a moka pot, portafilter and fully automatic machine.

But always remember that different preparation methods also produce different tastes. For example, an espresso from a portafilter tastes much stronger and more nuanced than coffee from a moka pot. The fully automatic machine can be used to make many different variations of our espressos, such as cappuccino, espresso, Americano, etc. The same applies to the portafilter, of course.

Where do the beans for our espresso roasts come from?

In general, our dark roasts are blends. Blends are mixtures of coffees from several countries, which bring a wide variety of flavors to your cup. The espressos are based on Brazilian green coffee from Ismael Andrade's farms, which, depending on the variety, are supplemented by other high-quality coffees from other countries.

The Brazilian coffee provides the typical full-bodied, chocolatey notes. The other coffees from Guatemala, El Salvador or Ethiopia, for example, complement these with floral notes, caramel or spices. Each individual blend is unique and has its own taste details.

What criteria does your favorite espresso have to meet? Do you like it very strong? Then try our Wilderer Espresso, thanks to 20 % Indian Robusta it is probably the strongest blend in our range, or the Hausespresso, which impresses with spicy notes. If you prefer something a little milder, then our Wildsau is the right choice for you. It is roasted a little lighter than our other blends and gives a full-bodied cup profile with distinct fruity aromas.

Our Bergsonne is also always popular and is a real classic in our range thanks to its irresistible taste of brittle and bitter chocolate.

This is how our espressos taste best

At the beginning we mentioned the appropriate preparation methods. But the storage of the beans and the grinding of the coffee also play a big role when it comes to the best possible taste in your cup. Ideally, you should always grind your coffee fresh.

We recommend hand grinders such as the Comandante C40 Black or an electric version such as the Fellow Ode, which impresses with a perfect grinding result. If you order already ground coffee, there is a risk that it will "go off" and lose its unique taste. Whole beans retain their taste for longer, and already ground coffee should be used up within 1 to 2 weeks.

In both cases, correct storage is also crucial. Coffee should always be stored protected from oxygen, light and sun. Our coffee bag with aroma protection valve ensures that no oxygen gets to your beans. It is best to place the bag in a place that is protected from sun and light, e.g. in a cupboard. Also make sure that this place is as odor-free as possible. Spicy smells can also change the taste of the coffee.

Another vacuum container is also recommended, which protects the coffee from oxygen even without a bag. You can find these in a wide range of sizes and versions in our accessories shop.

You just can't decide?

Then take a look at our sample packages! The sample packages are ideal for coffee lovers who would like to try several varieties. We have put together two "Dark Roast" sample packages for you.

Once with our Out of the Dark and the Hausespresso (package 1) and with the Vienna Calling and the Wildsau Espresso (package 2). This way you are guaranteed to find your favorite variety and discover the variety of flavors of our espressos.

You also save on shipping costs when you buy a sample pack. All of our sample packs, whether light, medium or dark roast, are sent free of charge via DHL.

Any further questions about our dark roasts or our general range? Then please write us a message at or on Facebook or Instagram. We will try to respond to your request as quickly as possible and would be happy to help you.

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