1zpresso - News about the popular hand mills!

The coffee grinders from the Taiwanese company 1zpresso can definitely be described as classics among hand grinders. In recent years, 1zpresso grinders have been particularly popular among lovers of specialty coffee due to their lower price and yet excellent quality. But for some time now, 1zpresso hand grinders have been almost completely disappeared from the scene . There are several reasons for this, which we would like to explain to you in detail in this blog article. We will also show you how the mill works and what advantages and disadvantages you can expect from the 1zpresso hand mills. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering.

1zpresso - Where have the mills disappeared to?

Before I go into more detail about the 1zpresso grinders, I first have to clear up where the 1zpresso grinders have disappeared to. The reason for this is a patent dispute with the German grinder manufacturer BB Coffee Company, which, among other things, produces the Commandante C40 If you take a closer look at the two models, you will see that they are very similar in terms of design and construction. The biggest difference between the two, however, is the price. While the Commandante mills in Germany , 1zpresso grinders are made in Taiwan. Therefore, there is a significant price difference when you consider the production costs. All of these facts then led to this legal dispute and as a result the grinders, especially the JX Pro and the K Max, disappeared from the numerous online stores and marketplaces. It is currently not possible to say when and if the 1zpresso grinders will be available again. We naturally hope that a solution will soon be found that will result in a satisfactory outcome for both sides.

1zpresso - Are all the grinders gone?

More or less, yes. You can occasionally find individual models of the 1zpresso grinders in various online shops, but the sale of the 1zpresso grinders has been stopped completely. The 1zpresso hand grinders are only still available outside of the EU.



1zpresso grinders - How do the coffee grinders work?

The 1zpresso coffee grinders are classic hand grinders. This means that the beans are ground manually without any electronic assistance. The grinders were specially developed for users who have a passion for specialty coffee. This means precise ground coffee and perfect grinding levels for the respective preparation methods . Always with an eye on excellent coffee taste, numerous model series have been developed, some of which specialize in individual preparation methods. The two models from the J series, the JX and the JS, focus on pour-over preparation. In other words, on the preparation of filter coffee and its various methods. More specifically, preparation by siphon, AeroPress, hand filter and French press. Especially the Hand filter preparation via V60 filter is particularly popular in Asian countries. Therefore, you can expect extremely precise ground coffee from all 1zpresso grinders, which is essential for the individual flavors of the different country coffees, especially in the case of specialty coffee.

1zpresso - Also suitable for other preparations?

Of course, the 1zpresso grinders can grind coffee for more than just filter coffee preparation methods. The 4 models JE, JE-Plus, JX-Pro and the J-Max can also grind your coffee beans for espressos. So for the Portafilters that Stove pot and even very fine, for the Turkish mocha coffee . The grinder is coated with titanium and is designed to make the grinding process problem-free. The stability of the 1zpresso mills is also to be increased. The Taiwanese company advertises Around 200kg of coffee can be ground with the grinders. However, the hand grinders from 1zpresso are not the most convenient choice, especially for espresso. You will find out why in the next section....

1zpresso - Advantages and disadvantages of hand grinders

... We follow on directly from the previous section. Like any product, 1zpresso hand grinders have general advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage is certainly the compact design. The grinders from 1zpresso can be taken pretty much anywhere and are therefore also ideal for making coffee in mountain huts, when camping or generally when you are travelling. Another advantage is that the hand grinders from 1zpresso over different grinding levels Depending on the model, you can use the same grinder to make both espressos and filter coffee. Even finely ground coffee for Turkish mocha works with the hand grinder from 1zpresso. One disadvantage, however, is that it is rather awkward to use, for example for an espresso shot. You do need a certain amount of muscle strength in your arms to prepare a tasty cup of espresso or cappuccino for several friends. Therefore, for espressos we recommend an electric grinder . For the various filter preparations or the French Press, a hand grinder from 1zpresso or another manufacturer is certainly an excellent choice.

1zpresso - Why not just buy ground coffee?

Why do I need a hand grinder when I can buy the coffee already ground? Simple answer! Already ground coffee goes out of steam relatively quickly . This means that it loses its unique taste after a short time . Therefore, we recommend that you always grind your coffee beans fresh. You can use any hand grinder, such as the one from 1zpresso, or an electric version, such as the Fellow Ode grinder. This ensures that the delicious notes and nuanced aroma are preserved in your cup. You should also drink your coffee always protected from oxygen, light & other odors Otherwise you will also encourage the loss of flavor. If you still choose to use ground coffee, try to use it up within 1-2 weeks. You can use whole beans If stored correctly, it will last for 8-12 weeks . In our blog post Storing coffee beans you will find out all the details on this topic.


The 1zpresso coffee grinders, popular among coffee lovers, have not been available for some time. The reason for this is a patent dispute with the BB Coffee Company, which has led to an EU-wide sales ban on 1zpresso hand grinders. In the long term, the mills will not return to the store shelves. Therefore, you should use a different model. We recommend you the Commandante C40 Black from our Online shop . When you look at the design and the overall structure, the disputes between the two parties should become clear to you. In general, hand grinders, not just the 1zpresso versions, offer numerous advantages and disadvantages, which I have described in detail in the article. I would particularly like to emphasize the practical compactness of the hand grinders - this makes them perfect for making coffee on the go. But the hand grinders from Commandante, 1zpresso & Co. also cut a fine figure when it comes to classic home brewing. This is due to the many different grinding levels, which range from coarse French press grinding to the finest ground coffee for Turkish mocha coffee.