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You can't say it often enough: we are world champions. Our man in Vienna, Martin Wölfl, has won the 2024 World Brewers Cup in Chicago. He owes this primarily to his years of training, his work and his interest in the subject and the many cups of coffee he has brewed. But the victory is also, as he always emphasizes, thanks to the many helping hands, friends and supporters. "I couldn't have done it without them," said the World Brewers Cup Champion shortly after the victory. In addition, 6, maybe even 7 innovations helped him bring the trophy home. These innovations are what we are talking about now.

World Brewers Cup Series – World Champion Coffee

Doesn't sound particularly unexpected: the right coffee beans with the right processing naturally play a major role in the World Brewers Cup. Martin Wölfl opted for a double-processed coffee from Finca Maya in Panama for Chicago 2024. After the cherries have been tended and cared for by farmers Margot and Mario Guillen, they go straight after the harvest to Lost Origin Coffee Lab Panama in Panama City. There the cherries are disinfected, cooled and then subjected to a two-stage fermentation. First they are fermented with wine yeast and then with lactobacilli. The cherries are then dried at a low temperature for 33 days in filtered air. You won't find this exact coffee with us, because the harvest was only 3 kilograms anyway. But we have other exciting micro and nano lots for you that are of world championship standard. Including from La Palma y el Tucan and Cafe Granja la Esperanza . Look here!

Geisha Coffee World Champion Coffee Wild Coffee Roastery


World Brewers Cup Series – Mineral Concentrates from APAX LAB

For a world champion coffee you need world champion water. And that doesn't come from the tap. It's either too soft, too hard, too chlorinated or too much of something else that doesn't make your coffee taste the way it should. So there's only one option for a world champion: mix the water yourself. To do this you simply need demineralized or distilled water and the right ingredients. You can find these from various manufacturers. Martin Wölfl chose the Waterdrops, i.e. the mineral concentrates, from APAX LAB. The Australian manufacturer offers three different concentrates with the pleasant-sounding names TONIK, JAMM and LYLAC. These take your filter coffee to a whole new level, both individually and mixed. You can buy these drops individually or as a set here!

World Brewers Cup Series – Dripper by Orea

Martin Wölfl didn't have to decide on the Orea dripper straight away, as he had often worked with Orea products in recent years and was fascinated by them. So it was clear that he would also compete in the World Brewers Cup with an Orea dripper. You will soon be able to purchase the V4 version of the hand filter from us.

World Brewers Cup Series – Filter Paper from Sibarist

Martin Wölfl decided before the competition that he wanted to extract the coffee quickly on stage. That's why he used the Orea dripper. The perfect match was the fast filter paper from Sibarist , FAST Orea Special Edition.
This special edition FLAT filter, redesigned to fit the Orea drippers like a second skin, offers the barista zero bypass while ensuring fast extraction. "This allowed me to grind the coffee a little finer without risking over-extraction," reveals Martin Wölfl. This resulted in a beautifully sweet, clear and very balanced coffee at the World Brewers Cup. You can find these and other Sibarist filter papers here!

World Brewers Cup Series – Cups by 2-WayCup

The coffee cup is not just a vessel from which we drink our coffee. It is like the plate from which we eat, a nice piece of clothing that we wear, etc. The cup can improve your coffee experience. We all have a favorite cup at home, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with taste, but this one cup influences us and our taste. And then there are the cups from 2-WayCup . Martin Wölfl used these at the World Brewers Cup and they actually improve the taste. They have two differently designed sides, which means that the coffee hits different parts of the tongue. The narrower rim of the cup directs the liquid to the front and middle of the tongue, which leads to sweeter and more intense flavors. The wider, funnel-shaped rim, on the other hand, distributes the liquid further back on the tongue, which allows the flavors to develop better and creates a longer-lasting aftertaste. You can buy these cups here!

2-waycup World Brewers cup series Wild Coffee Roastery

World Brewers Cup Series – Link Roasters from Nucleus Tools

Nucleus Coffee Tools helped Martin Wölfl win twice. He was able to use Nucleus Tools' facilities in Chicago to train and optimize his performance for the competition. He also used the company's Link roaster to roast his world champion coffee exactly one week before the competition. This gave it the optimal amount of time to off-gas and therefore taste perfect.

World Brewers Cup Series – Freshly Ground Coffee

The world champion also stressed that grinding the coffee beans on stage contributed to the victory. "As baristas, we always grind the coffee fresh, which we don't normally do on stage. I think something is lost here, because freshly ground coffee always tastes better," stressed Martin Wölfl. Freshly grinding the beans not only makes the coffee taste a little better, it creates a completely different situation for the barista and his customers, i.e. the jury. The smell of freshly ground coffee - we all know this - is simply something very special. 

World Brewers Cup Series – Conclusion

From the end of this week, you can get everything from us that our world champion Martin Wölfl had with him at the World Brewers Cup 2024 in Chicago. So you too can brew world champion coffee. For you, your family and your coffee friends. Maybe you miss the competition situation, but that's not so bad, because it's also fun to brew the coffee in peace. And otherwise you can also set a timer, depending on the competition, this is 7 to 10 minutes. In this time you should brew three cups of coffee and also inform people well. In our World Brewers Cup series you will not only find the products, but also a lot of other information about the reigning world champion and from Martin Wölfl himself on various coffee topics. Click in and #staywild.