Coffee recipes - for a tasty start to the new year

The turbulent year 2021 is coming to an end. This year was also shaped by the corona pandemic. We spent more time at home, had to limit social contacts and simply change our everyday lives a little. Of course, this also has an impact on this year's New Year's Eve celebrations . To celebrate a tasteful start to the new year in a small group, we present you with a few coffee recipes with espresso varieties from our online shop in this blog post. In Italy, this type of coffee is called Caffé Corretto , which in plain English means coffee with a shot. So let's get started, have fun with the coffee recipes and especially with making them together.

Coffee Recipes - Irish Coffee

Our Irish Coffee recipe only contains four ingredients: 4 cl Irish whiskey , an espresso , 1 teaspoon sugar and 50 ml whipped cream (creamy, not solid).

  1. Mix whiskey and sugar – We recommend cane sugar because it is simply a little more flavorful than table sugar.
  2. Then we heat the mixture – for example with the milk nozzle on the portafilter machine. It is important that the mixture is only heated and not boiled, otherwise the alcohol, which is definitely desirable in this drink, will evaporate.
  3. Now flambé the whiskey-sugar mixture
  4. Now the most important ingredient for us: Espresso ! We recommend a single shot of our classic, the house espresso . You can then mix it with the whisky.
  5. Now you can pour the “cocktail” into an Irish coffee glass and let the creamy whipped cream flow over the spoon into the glass.
  6. Enjoy!

Tip: As a garnish, especially suitable for the winter time, we recommend some cinnamon, cardamom and fine almond flakes . When it comes to whisky, you should go for a mild one with a not too pronounced smoky note. Tullamore Dew is excellent.

Check out our recipe reel at Farmers Voice , where the preparation is demonstrated step-by-step.



Coffee recipes - Cappuccino au Cointreau

You need: A double espresso , 200 ml milk and 2cl Cointreau/Grand Manier

Basically one of the simplest coffee recipes:

  1. Prepare a single shot of espresso. Our poacher is perfect.
  2. Now simply froth the milk together with the fruity orange liqueur.
  3. Pour a heart or similar latte art and serve.

Winter spices such as cloves, cinnamon or cardamom also go well with this. As we all know, what you see is what you get - decorate the cappuccino with a cinnamon stick and a dried orange slice. Because it's so quick to prepare, the Cappuccino au Cointreau is the ideal coffee recipe after a hearty New Year's Eve dinner.

Coffee Recipes - Espresso Martini

The Kahlúa cocktail, invented by Dick Bradsell, originally comes from London. Unlike the other coffee recipes, this is a cold drink. You will need: ice cubes, 40 ml vodka, 20 ml Kahlúa, 20 ml espresso and 3 whole coffee beans for serving .

  1. Measure all ingredients and pour into a Boston shaker with ice.
  2. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.
  3. Garnish the cocktail with the coffee beans, serve and enjoy together.

The Wildsau Espresso is suitable for the Espresso Martini because it brings a certain fruity note to the cocktail.



Anything else for your New Year’s Eve party?

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The end of the year is an exciting time: reflecting on the past and looking forward with curiosity to what is to come. We would like to thank you for the many successful moments that we were able to experience thanks to you and hope that there will be many more such experiences in the coming year. Thank you very much - enjoy the holidays and have a good and healthy start to the new year.

Happy New Year and Stay Wild!