Online Barista Course - we'll make you a barista online!

You can now take our ever-popular barista course online! In the coming weeks, we'll show you step by step what it means to be a barista . We'll not only go into the exact steps, but also explain exactly which accessories you need, what to look out for when choosing the perfect coffee beans, how to conjure up an artistic latte art ...etc! The barista craft consists of many more aspects than "just" making coffee. It takes a lot of sensitivity, knowledge & skill to brew the perfect cup of coffee. In the coming weeks, you'll find out how to extract the delicious notes from your high-quality coffee here in the blog, on our website, on social media & on our YouTube channel . Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun in the world of baristi & with the online barista course. In today's article, I will introduce you to the topics that we will discuss together and in consultation with Barista Coffee Master 2021 & bronze winner at the International Barista Championship 2019 Robin Matthijsse .

Online Barista Course - The scope of the barista craft

Anyone who thinks that a barista only has to prepare a few cups of coffee in a portafilter is very much mistaken. In our online barista course we will show you exactly what is important. Being a barista combines all preparation methods , a spirit of discovery, a sense of taste, feeling and, above all, patience. The many things that a barista has to pay attention to every day require one thing - time and calm - anyone who does not pay attention to these aspects will have a hard time with the online barista course.

The craft is extremely delicate and consists of many, sometimes complicated characteristics. To be more precise, we will take a closer look at the following topics in the upcoming online barista course: tasks of a barista , barista accessories & equipment, the right choice of coffee beans , the perfect milk for the cappuccino , pouring the milk for the cappuccino , what is latte art and how do I best learn latte art ? We will go into all of these points in detail and are happy to answer them individually. You are welcome to send us a message on social media about any topic! Our barista Robin will help you individually and in detail, as befits a decent online barista course.


Online Barista Course - Barista Accessories & Equipment

The barista trade naturally also requires the right equipment ! In the online barista course we show you exactly which equipment you need. We also show you tips and tricks for using the accessories. Of course, this accessory is also available in our online shop . You can get recommendations on which equipment is best for you in our online barista course. We will focus on the most complex preparation method - portafilter preparation . But of course we will not ignore other brewing methods such as hand filters , AeroPress , etc.


A big part of our online barista course - coffee recipes with milk!

Milk coffee drinks definitely play an influential part in our online barista course. Nothing is as popular as a delicious flat white or cappuccino with artistic latte art ! It is the latte art in particular that makes many coffee lovers' hearts melt. Everyone would love to be able to pour these figures. In our online barista course we show you step by step how it works!

But latte art has nothing to do with the actual taste of the milky coffee drink. The taste is determined by the right coffee beans and the choice of the right milk . The milk not only influences the taste, but also the craftsmanship. It's about the ideal milk foam, taste characteristics and differences between cow's milk and plant-based alternatives. In our online barista course we will show you how to make the best cappuccino or flat white !


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In our online barista course, we will prepare you in detail for the tasks of a barista over the coming weeks. Step by step, we will show you what it means to be a barista and what tasks a barista has to take on. In short videos and articles, we will take you into the world of a barista. In the course of this online barista course, which will last several weeks, you will certainly have a number of individual questions. Our barista Robin Matthijsse will answer each question in detail and help you. The best way to ask the questions is on our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. We will also regularly inform you about news there, but the main part of the online barista course will take place on YouTube and here in our blog posts. The Wildkaffee Rösterei team hopes you have fun taking part ! #staywild