Coffee Recipes - Gingerbread Coffee

Cold, snow, ice and a cozy atmosphere... Winter has arrived again and gingerbread is definitely a typical pastry for the cold season. The high-quality gingerbread from the Peintner confectionery in Innsbruck has been available in our online shop for a few weeks now . This sweet sin goes perfectly with our high-quality coffees. And this is exactly the combination that our blog post today is about. But it's not just about drinking coffee with gingerbread. We'll show you a great recipe for a tasty gingerbread coffee + the amazing gingerbread tiramisu recipe from our lovely Taoko from the Wildkaffee team . You can also find this excellent recipe in visual form on our YouTube channel . You can find out what the gingerbread coffee should look like and how to prepare it perfectly in our new blog article. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun trying it out.

Gingerbread coffee – what exactly is it?

Our gingerbread coffee is not a typical coffee drink that we would drink every day. Rather, it is a welcome change for special occasions or for a cozy day in the living room in cold winter weather. The gingerbread coffee is therefore not aimed at the purist taste of individual country coffees, as we usually like to present to you. It is a coffee drink with milk , so you could also call it a more modern "gingerbread spiced latte" , but we will stick with the "classic" expression.

The aim of the Lebkuchen coffee is to create a harmonious blend of flavorful coffee, warm milk and rich gingerbread. This creates a taste experience from the spicy accents of the gingerbread, the intensity of the espresso and the creamy properties of the milk.


Which coffee is best?

As everyone should know, gingerbread is not exactly the mildest of sweet treats . Therefore, we need a coffee with a particularly intense flavor. That's why our recommendation clearly leans towards our dark roasts . Our dark roasts are known for their intense flavor. Particularly chocolatey accents, rounded off with cocoa, nut or caramel notes , are typical flavor characteristics of our espressos . For the gingerbread coffee , however, we need a special espresso, the Christmas espresso, because its strong flavor of dark chocolate and nougat perfectly balances out the spicy taste of the gingerbread. It is precisely this power that the Christmas espresso brings with it that is needed in the gingerbread coffee, because only this strong coffee flavor ensures that the sweet spiciness of the gingerbread does not become too dominant.


Preparation - Step 1 - Gingerbread syrup

As already mentioned, the sugar syrup is made using a 50:50 mixture of water and sugar. Add 125ml of water and the same amount of household sugar, i.e. 125g household sugar . Allow the mixture to simmer gently while stirring and add your spice mixture to your syrup while stirring.

However, you should put together the spice mixture beforehand. We use: 30% cinnamon bark, 30% cinnamon sticks, 18% ginger, 3% cloves, 5% allspice and 14% nutmeg . You can of course vary the amounts of spices a little so that you find a mixture that tastes best to you personally.



Preparation - Step 2 - On to the perfect gingerbread coffee

After we have created the perfect gingerbread flavor using our gingerbread syrup, it is now time for the final preparation of the gingerbread coffee. For this we need the Wildkaffee Christmas espresso, which with its excellent taste of dark chocolate and nougat makes an excellent combination with the spicy gingerbread notes, as well as foamed milk - you can use either fresh whole milk or oat milk.

  1. Making a double espresso – We need 17-19 g of Christmas espresso
  2. Remove the portafilter and wipe it with a cloth
  3. Pour the ground coffee into the portafilter for a double shot
  4. Distribute evenly and compact with a tamper
  5. Rinse the brewing group briefly and then start the brewing process.
  6. Mix the finished espresso with your gingerbread syrup
  7. Froth the milk until it becomes a creamy foam.
  8. Pour the gingerbread espresso mixture with the foamed milk
  9. Garnish your gingerbread coffee with some gingerbread crumbs.
  10. Complete!

Your gingerbread coffee is now ready. The best way to garnish your winter drink is with delicious gingerbread crumbs, e.g. from our gingerbread from the Peintner confectionery in Innsbruck. If this gingerbread bomb isn't enough for you, we have a very special recipe that our Taoko has been preparing in the winter for years - it's a gingerbread tiramisu! - And the best thing about it is that this tiramisu is prepared in no time at all.

This is how you make gingerbread tiramisu!

For Taoko's gingerbread coffee tiramisu you need the following ingredients: 500g mascarpone , 4 eggs (separated into egg whites and yolks), 100g cane sugar, coffee (we recommend our Christmas espresso or, slightly milder, the Christmas coffee), optionally amaretto, gingerbread without chocolate and ladyfingers.

  1. Beat 50g cane sugar and egg yolk until the consistency is creamy and takes on a light yellow color
  2. Now add the 500g mascarpone and stir into the yolk-cane sugar mixture
  3. Beat the remaining 50g sugar and the egg whites until fluffy and fold into the already creamy mixture.
  4. Crumble the gingerbread and place the ladyfingers in Christmas espresso or Christmas coffee and optionally some Amaretto.
  5. Now you can start layering – start with the ladyfingers and a thin layer of crumbled gingerbread, then the mascarpone cream.
  6. Finally, sprinkle a mixture of finely ground coffee, cocoa and cinnamon over your gingerbread coffee tiramisu
  7. Tip! For the ultimate gingerbread taste, you can also sprinkle your gingerbread coffee tiramisu with some gingerbread spice (our gingerbread coffee mix is ​​also ideal for this)

Our gingerbread coffee and our gingerbread coffee tiramisu are ideal as a dessert to accompany a hearty Christmas meal and, thanks to the Christmas coffee taste of our Christmas coffees, are the ideal companion for Christmas Eve or the Christmas holidays! We hope you have fun making them and enjoy a harmonious meal with your loved ones. #staywild