Filter coffee – a truly modern classic!

Filter coffee is a preparation method that has developed significantly during the third coffee wave. Filter coffee preparation is particularly popular in Germany.

Filter coffee is the most popular and also the most frequently used method of preparation in Germany. A full 66% prefer to enjoy their coffee using a filter . It is also clear, however, that most people use automated coffee makers, i.e. a filter machine or similar. The end result from these makers can taste good if you use the right beans. Unfortunately , poor quality beans are often used in Germany, so that the end result in the cup simply does not taste particularly harmonious. This is where the admittedly dusty image among the population came from. The fact that this preparation method has actually developed further is something that only those who are more familiar with the product coffee and its unique flavors know. That is why in this article we want to show you how filter coffee came about and how this drink has developed over the last few years . Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering.

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Filter coffee - A unique story

Let's start with the origin of this coffee specialty! Where does filter coffee come from and who came up with the idea of ​​filtering coffee using a paper filter? In fact, this idea comes from the country where filter coffee is still consumed the most today - it is our homeland, Germany! In 1907, it was Melitta Bentz who was bothered by the coffee grounds in her cup! Melitta Bentz therefore looked into the topic in more detail and wanted to develop a method that would make it possible to prepare coffee without the annoying coffee grounds.

This is how the idea of ​​inventing a filter was born. She started drilling holes in a tin can and tried out many other materials during the development phase, but her idea didn't really work (yet). It wasn't until she used blotting paper from her son's school notebook that the history of coffee really took off! She cut the paper into shape and placed it on the bottom of the tin can with holes in it . This became the original form of the dripper and filter paper. The invention worked and Melitta began to develop her idea further. In 1908, Bentz patented her new filter paper and started the business, which was still family-run at the time. Today, Melitta is a major global company.

The different possibilities regarding preparation

Above we have already discussed the two classic filter coffee methods using a hand filter and a filter machine . Of course there are also many other methods, some modern and some historical, that you can use to prepare a nuanced filter coffee. Let's start with a more futuristic-looking method - the AeroPress . The special thing about the AeroPress is not only the slightly different method of preparation, which works with pressure and filter paper, but also the fact that a cup of coffee can always be prepared. The end result of an AeroPress tastes even more puristic and clear than coffee prepared using a hand filter. The sweet taste, which the AeroPress specifically brings out, is particularly special.

The Chemex also works with filter paper. The paper is 20-30% thicker than conventional filter paper . This ensures that the cup profile is very nuanced. The Chemex was created in 1941 and was also developed by a German. Another method is the Carl Henkel , which follows the origins of Melitta Bentz's invention. The Carl Henkel works without any filter paper and is therefore particularly sustainable.

What are the benefits of filtering?

It is not just the coffee grounds that bothered Melitta Bentz that are filtered out of the end result with the filter paper. New types of filter paper ensure that the suspended particles and oils in the coffee are bound and filtered out .

As a result, the end result contains significantly less body and bitter substances , which brings out the typical flavor notes, especially in single-origin country coffees. Thanks to the third coffee wave, filter coffee has become particularly popular in the area of ​​specialty coffee . The excellent coffee quality and unique flavor are perfectly emphasized by filter methods. We at the Wildkaffee Rösterei also drink almost exclusively filter coffee in our everyday lives.

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Which coffee is best?

Of course, making filter coffee also requires the right coffee . I wrote earlier that many Germans simply use poor quality coffee, so that the end result doesn't taste particularly good. So the fact is that the quality of the coffee determines how your end result tastes. But the roast is even more important! You should only use light and medium roasts .

But even between these two roasting levels, significant taste differences develop in the cup profile! Light roasts contain more acid and can be classified as fruity and sweet in terms of taste. Medium roasts, on the other hand, are a little stronger and, thanks to less acid, only contain fruity accents. In the cup profile, you will therefore also discover chocolatey flavors with medium roasts , which can also develop in the direction of cocoa.

As already mentioned, the origin and the country's typical variety of flavors are decisive for which notes your cup profile contains. Coffees from Ethiopia , for example, are known for their fruity, floral taste, while varieties from Brazil tend to be more chocolatey and nutty. So it's worth trying them all. In our online shop you will find single-origin coffees from all over the world that are perfect for your outstanding filter coffee.

This is what you need for preparation

To ensure that you make the perfect filter coffee, you absolutely need the right equipment! Let's start with the dripper! The dripper is the part into which you put the filter paper. You can also simply call it a filter holder or hand filter. In our accessories shop you will find numerous high-quality drippers in various designs. The models from CAFEC , Hario , Kalita or the Origami Dripper are ideal for preparing aromatic filter coffee. Once you have chosen a dripper, the right paper is also crucial. There are also some differences in the paper, which we have summarized for you in our coffee filter paper test . You can find the article here. Now all you need is a suitable brewing vessel, such as the Kinto serving jug. This is the basis for preparation.

Of course, this package can be expanded! A grinder, scales, brewing pot and vacuum container should complement your equipment. When choosing coffee, we recommend flexibility. Just try things out and find your favorite coffee! Our sample packages - medium roast - package 1 and package 2 , as well as our light roast sample package are perfect for trying out. This way, you are guaranteed the best taste of your coffee thanks to fresh and freshly ground beans! You can find all accessories in our online shop!

How to prepare it

Once you have gathered your equipment for the perfect filter coffee, it's time to prepare it! It's actually very simple. If you follow our step-by-step instructions, you're guaranteed to get a tasty end result!

You need: Equipment (see above), 20 g coffee and 300ml water

1. Insert the filter paper, rinse the filter and brewing vessel with hot water and then add the ground coffee.

2. Pour in around 60 ml of water in circular movements and let it brew for around 30 seconds. It is important that all of the coffee is moistened during pre-brewing.

3. Pour the remaining 240 ml of water into the middle of the ground coffee in slow, small circular movements and let it brew for around 5 seconds, 80 ml at a time, to ensure that all of the coffee is extracted.

4. After 2.5 – 3 minutes the brewing process is finished.

5. Now you can enjoy your flavorful, perfect filter coffee! Enjoy!


Filter coffee is a method of preparation that has existed for over a century. In Germany in particular, it is still the most popular today . No wonder, because filter coffee was developed in Germany by Melitta Bentz. In the third coffee wave, this method of coffee preparation developed in a completely new way and, especially in the area of ​​specialty coffee, provides uniquely fruity-sweet taste experiences. That is why filter coffee is now ubiquitous and is enjoying increasing popularity!

The filter paper not only filters out the coffee grounds, but also the suspended matter and oils contained in the coffee, so that the end result appears puristic and clear in the cup profile. When preparing filter coffee, you should definitely pay attention to the high quality and a light or medium roast . In our online shop you will find not only the wide selection of high-quality coffees from all over the world, but also the right accessories for preparation. We at the Wildkaffee Rösterei hope you have fun preparing and enjoying the unique taste of tasty filter coffee. #staywild