Kalita Wave explained - instructions for preparation

There are many ways to make the perfect filter coffee. One of them is with the Kalita Wave Dripper and filter paper. But what exactly makes the Kalita Wave so special? How do you brew coffee with it and what does this pour over taste like? There is also the question of why so many drippers come from Japan. We'll take a look at the dripper market and focus on the Kalita dripper.

Kalita Wave – Where it comes from

The Wave Dripper comes from the Japanese company Kalita from Yokohama . The company has been around since the late 1950s. In Europe, it became known through its Wave series, which includes the Kalita Wave Dripper and the Wave filter paper. Now it also includes jugs and other models. Kalita now produces a total of Hand coffee filters, ceramic products, heat-resistant glass products, coffee grinders, electric coffee machines, commercial coffee machines, espresso machines and other coffee and tea related equipment.

Kalita Wave – Structure of the Dripper

The Kalita Wave Dripper, which has become famous here, consists made of high-quality, rust-proof stainless steel. Its handle is made of dark melamine, i.e. synthetic resin, and does not absorb any heat when brewing coffee. The dripper itself has a flat base with three small holes. The purpose of the flat base is that when brewing, the water does not channel, i.e. rushes through the coffee grounds in a few channels, but rather the entire coffee is extracted evenly and slowly. The Kalita Wave became really famous in 2013 thanks to Erin McCarthy , who won the US Brewers Cup using this dripper. The Kalita Wave Dripper is available in sizes 155 for one to two cups and 185 for two to four cups.


Kalita Wave – The waves in paper

The Kalita Wave filter paper has, as the name suggests, waves. There are 20 waves in total. Due to these waves, the filter paper and thus also the coffee grounds and the water have fewer contact points with the dripper during brewing. This means that the water used cools down less during the brewing process. In addition, The water can drain more easily through these gaps. The result is a similar effect to that of Hario's V60 drippers with their slanted ribs.

Kalita Wave – Differences to Hario V60

The V60 hand filter from Hario also comes from Japan. And like no other, it represents the joy of making coffee in the wake of the Third Coffee Wave. Differences between Hario Dripper and Kalita Wave are massive. Kalita Wave is a so-called flat-bottom dripper, i.e. a hand filter with a flat bottom, whereas the Hario Dripper is tapered. The flat bottom of the Kalita Dripper has three small holes, the Hario bottom has only one large hole. This means that the water flows through the Hario V60 faster than the Kalita Wave. In addition, the flat bottom ensures less turbulence in the water than can be the case with cone-shaped filters. Another difference is that with the Kalita Wave you can use thinner filter paper because the bottom bears the weight of the water and coffee. With the V60 you should use strong paper filters because the large hole increases the pressure of the water and coffee.

Kalita Wave – Difference to other pour-over drippers

The Kalita Wave Filter is characterized by its compact shape. It is only 6.5 centimeters high. The Hario V60 is almost twice as high at 11.5 centimeters. The Origami Dripper is also higher at almost 9 centimeters and the Cafec Flower Dripper has many variants with different angles and different heights. These include, for example, the Flower Deep 27 with an angle of just 27 degrees and a height of 12 centimeters. Due to the flat base, the Kalita Wave also has a different angle and thus relatively steep walls. In the Kalita dripper, the water stays there for a longer period of time than in conical drippers , which means a higher extraction rate. It's basically simple: every dripper has different properties, you like some and not others - so it's best to find out for yourself which dripper is the best/most attractive for you.

Kalita Wave – how does the coffee taste?

The Kalita Wave Dripper probably uses Kalita Wave filter paper. This means that the coffee will be clean and free of particles. The result is a clear coffee with little body. How your coffee tastes from a Kalita Wave Dripper depends less on the dripper than on the coffee, grind and recipe. So if you get an Ethiopian coffee, floral citrus notes will dominate. If you get a specialty coffee from El Salvador - such as our new Bourbon or Pacamara from our own farm - you will get notes of rum, cocoa and berries. So it's entirely up to you. Below you will find a suitable recipe for your Kalita Wave Dripper.

Wild coffee.kalita-wave-filter coffee

Kalita Wave – step-by-step instructions

You need 18 grams of coffee (of your choice). Possibly one of our light roasts. And 270 milliliters of water.

  1. Weighing coffee beans (we recommend a starting recipe with a ratio of 1:15, i.e. 18 grams of coffee to 270 milliliters of water)
  2. Insert filter paper, rinse filter and cup/carafe with hot water, then pour in coffee ( the coffee should be medium to coarsely ground )
  3. The first infusion should be 2 to 3 times as much water as coffee grounds in this case a good 50 ml
  4. Now comes the blooming, in which the CO2 escapes from the coffee and the coffee is moistened once. ( This phase should last about 30 seconds )
  5. Pour the remaining water in circular movements slowly and constantly (for example up to 120 ml, then up to 200 ml and then up to 270 ml)
  6. This step is optional: some swing the filter, some stir once
  7. The extraction should finished after 2 to maximum 3 minutes be

Kalita Wave – which products are available (from us)

The Kalita Wave series now includes a lot of products. Many various drippers in different colors, shapes and materials . Serving jugs and filter papers. In our shop you can currently find the Kalita Wave filter paper. Normally also the classic Wave Dripper made of stainless steel, but at the moment it is sold out and has to be delivered again. Just take a look in our shop . You are sure to find something suitable.


Kalita Wave Dripper – Numbers Data Facts

Here is the technical overview of the Kalita Wave Dripper:

  • Manufacturer: Kalita Co., Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
  • Type: Flat Bottom Dripper
  • Sizes: 155 for 1-2 cups / 185 for 2-4 cups
  • Body material: high-quality stainless steel
  • Handle material: Resin Melamine
  • Handle color: dark brown
  • Weight: 92g
  • Height: 6.5cm
  • Diameter top: 8.2cm
  • Bottom diameter: 4.9cm
  • Characteristics: dishwasher safe, heat resistant

Suitable filter paper is also available for purchase in our shop.

Kalita Coffee - Conclusion

The Kalita Wave Dripper together with the Wave filter paper is not only a visually appealing option, to brew your filter coffee. It also offers certain advantages or let's call them features that other drippers don't have. You can brew a tasty coffee with the Wave Dripper, which is why we are happy to recommend it to you. We also recommend many other drippers, So in the end it would be better if you tried out a few different drippers and found out for yourself which one you like best. And it can't hurt to have a few drippers at home - just for variety and stuff…you know!