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The Wildkaffee tasting packages

Are you new to Wildkaffee and would like to try a few different things, or are you simply unable to decide between our numerous high-quality roasts? Don't worry... we often can't decide either, so we have come up with a solution to bring diversity to your coffee enjoyment. We present: our coffee sample packages from the Wildkaffee roastery. We have simply graded our coffee sample packages according to the respective roasting levels.

This means you can secure a small but fine selection of the finest coffee beans from all over the world, depending on your preferred preparation method. We will explain which coffee sample packages are suitable for you in the following lines. You can then determine the following criteria: Which preparation method do I use? Which degree of roasting suits my brewing method? What country of origin should my coffee come from, or what flavor profile do I want to achieve in my cup profile?

If you can answer these questions without batting an eyelid, then you can secure your coffee sample package now. Still a bit hesitant? Then just read the following sections and discover step by step which coffee sample package is tailor-made for you.

Which trial package is right for me?

If you want to order a coffee sample package to prepare at home, you should first know which preparation method you use. The method plays a decisive role in which notes develop in your cup.

Our high-quality coffee roasts are divided into three different roasting levels. If you prepare your coffee in a manual filter, Chemex or AeroPress, i.e. using the common filter coffee brewing methods, then you could secure yourself three coffee sample packages! Our "Light Roast" coffee sample package is ideal for this, as it contains three excellent specialty coffees that change constantly depending on the season and availability.

In addition, our two "medium roast" coffee sample packs are ideal for all filter methods, although we generally refer to the medium roasts as our all-rounders. They simply look great in every preparation method and provide an incredibly delicious cup profile. So if you are looking for a select coffee that you can use in several preparation methods, then the medium roast coffee sample packs are an excellent choice.

Fancy a nutty, chocolaty espresso? Then discover our "dark roast" coffee sample packs. Espressos are usually prepared in a portafilter machine, moka pot or fully automatic machine. The "dark roast" coffee sample packs are always popular orders! Our espresso roasts are blends, i.e. mixtures of various selected country coffees.

The mixture of the fine notes that each country's coffee brings with it ensures an incredibly wide variety of flavors in each blend. In order to try several varieties at the same time, we have put together two "dark roast" coffee sample packages for you, each of which contains two of our high-quality espresso roasts.

Our sample packages with light roasts - for filtered preparations

Our "light roast" coffee tasting package consists of three different specialty coffees with a wide range of special flavors. Here you can expect three excellent coffees from the specialty coffee segment, which change depending on the season and availability. As already mentioned above, our specialty coffees are ideal for preparing as filter coffee. You can look forward to fruity-floral cup profiles, which are paired with notes that you have never heard of before in coffee.

Our sample packages with medium roasts - the all-rounders

Do you use multiple preparation methods, or just want to discover the excellent taste of our medium roasts? Then order one of our medium roast coffee sample packs. The delicious coffees in our two coffee sample packs are ideal for all preparation methods!

The medium roasts are known for their fruity accents, which are combined with other country-specific notes in your cup profile. The "Medium Roast 1" coffee tasting package contains our Wilde Milde and Ethiopia West Arsi. These two coffees complement each other perfectly.

Our second coffee tasting package "Medium Roast 2" also consists of two tasty varieties, which differ in taste but go together perfectly in a coffee tasting package: It is our Brasil Capim Branco and the Colombia.

The Brasil provides a classic, round, creamy cup profile, which is paired with notes of nuts! The Colombia impresses with its sweet taste and notes of brittle.

Our sample packages with darker roasts - Unique espresso taste

Our "Dark Roast" coffee sample packs are top sellers in our range. No wonder, because our five different espresso blends have so many differences and similarities that it's hard to decide which one tastes best. To avoid this tricky decision, our two coffee sample packs are the right choice for maximum variability! In the "Dark Roast 1" coffee sample pack, we have combined the Hausespresso and the Out of the Dark for you.

With Out of the Dark you can expect a strong espresso blend that will win the heart of every espresso fan with its creamy taste of dark chocolate and nuts. Its counterpart, the Hausespresso, is the ideal blend for those who prefer chocolate in their cup profile. The Hausespresso is emblematic of its chocolatey taste, which is paired with spicy notes.

In the "Dark Roast 2" sample package, two very special espressos await you: the Vienna Calling and our Wildsau! Both espressos have a full-bodied taste, although the two differ in terms of their notes. The Wildsau tastes more chocolaty, while the Vienna Calling has berry notes and sweetness.

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