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Why is specialty coffee so special?

Are you a real coffee fan and open to very special flavors? Then immerse yourself with us in the world of specialty coffee! Specialty coffee is the best quality available on the global coffee market. The crème de la crème of our coffee range, so to speak. You can of course taste the quality. When growing the flavorful beans, the coffee variety, soil quality and weather conditions individually determine the method of cultivation. Once the way the coffee is grown has been carefully evaluated, the farmer must look after the special coffee trees with a lot of energy and dedication.

Only after several years and loving care can the first harvests be brought in and offered for sale. When purchasing the specialty coffee green coffee, we look very carefully because we only want to select the finest beans for you. The direct contact with the coffee farmers is a great help to us. It is important to us that the farmers share the same fair and social philosophy as we do.

How to best prepare specialty coffee

Our specialty coffees are gently roasted in our roastery, because fresh and high-quality processing also plays a major role when it comes to the taste of specialty coffee. The coffees are typically lightly roasted. This makes them ideal for preparation using a manual filter, Chemex, AeroPress, French press and also for preparing a flavorful cold brew.

Our specialty coffees are characterized by their very special sweet and fruity taste, which is paired with other interesting notes. This creates a delicious cup profile that differs in taste from "normal" coffee. The different preparation methods also bring out very different flavors - for example, specialty coffee from the AeroPress tastes particularly fruity and sweet, while Chemex and pour overs ensure a very puristic specialty coffee experience.

The French press and the cold brew work according to the direct extraction scheme. The intense aromas are extracted from the coarsely ground coffee, which creates a delicious, intense cup profile. We would like to share this taste experience with you.

Which countries of origin do the specialty coffees come from?

The light roasted specialty coffees are always single-origin coffees. The special beans come from farmers we know personally and with whom we have been working for years. The direct contacts help us to always get only the finest specialty coffee beans. The coffee trees are sustainably and carefully cared for in the various countries of origin in harmony with nature.

The complex care also means that specialty coffee is not available in huge quantities. Most of the time, it is a microlot, i.e. small harvests that are particularly high quality. After harvesting, the cherries are processed in a procedure that is also complex. Processing is the step in which the pulp and skin are removed from the actual green coffee bean.

This process also produces the intense flavor notes, as fermentation of the cherry is a popular method of working with the coffee. Here, too, we need to evaluate, as there are always new trends in how the beans can be processed. It always depends on: Does it taste good? Does it not taste good? Which notes dominate? We carry out quality control through cuppings and test roasting of small quantities. Only if we are 100 % convinced by the coffee will it find its way to you.

Store specialty coffee to preserve its excellent taste

Our specialty coffees are available in 250 g bags. The bag is equipped with an aroma protection valve, which ensures that the excellent notes of the beans are preserved. It is important that you do not store the specialty coffee for too long. The coffee quickly loses its intense aroma, especially if it is stored incorrectly. You should not make any compromises, especially with such high-quality beans.

Always store it protected from sun, light and oxygen. This way it will stay fresh for as long as possible and will continue to taste excellent. If you want to grind your specialty coffee, you must always pay attention to the right grinding level. Ideally, you should always grind our light roasts fresh. Already ground coffee loses its taste very quickly. If you don't have a grinder, we can recommend the Comandante C40 Black or the Fellow Ode grinder.

Otherwise, we will be happy to grind the specialty coffee for you in our roastery, but you should use the coffee within 1 to 2 weeks, otherwise the aroma will evaporate and simply no longer taste good. When storing ground coffee, there is no light, no sun and no oxygen.

Fancy a change? - Our sample package

Would you like to try several varieties of our light roasts or compare the intense notes? Then our "sample pack - light roast" is just right for you! The sample pack contains three different varieties of our light roasts, each 250 g.

Since we don't always have the same varieties in stock, the varieties change depending on availability. This way you can compare the different varieties and their cup profiles and discover your favorite. You can easily order the sample packages in our online shop, and you'll also save on shipping costs. All of our sample packages, whether light, medium or dark roast, are sent free of charge via DHL.

Do you have any further questions about our specialty coffees or our general range? Then contact us at info@wild-kaffee.de or on Facebook or Instagram. We will process your inquiry as quickly as possible and look forward to helping you.

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