Fair and directly traded coffees

Balthasar Shop

We love coffee.

That's why quality, sustainability and direct trade are particularly important to us. But in a very straightforward way. Respectful treatment of our environment and its resources is very important to us. The decision to forego well-known quality seals and to trade directly with coffee producers was made quite consciously - their craftsmanship and know-how make a decisive contribution to the quality of the coffee.

Our dear friend and roaster Leonhard Wild, with whom we share 100% of our values, demands and visions, runs the Wildkaffee roastery in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The common goal of our excellent cooperation is, among other things, to sustainably improve the situation of coffee producers in the countries of origin. The path from them to barista is long, but the demands are the same: the highest quality.

Our coffees - from the farmer to your cup, without detours!

You can of course find our products in Vienna in the Kaffee Bar, Praterstraße 38, and many of them also in our online shop.

Our food comes exclusively from suppliers whose philosophy matches ours. Wherever possible, our products - from patisserie to sandwiches - come from local producers.

Our range of coffees extends from espresso to various filter methods to cold brews and iced coffee variations. The coffee beans roasted especially for us by Wildkaffee can be purchased both in the Kaffee Bar and in the online shop. You can also find teas and coffee accessories in our online shop.