Espresso caffeine – the ultimate pick-me-up?

Every coffee lover should know that espresso contains caffeine. However, many people wonder whether espresso caffeine is more noticeable than, for example, the caffeine content in a freshly brewed pot of filter coffee or in a classic cappuccino. Espresso is definitely more flavorful than other preparations , but that does not necessarily mean that the effect is stronger. Today we want to clear up the various myths surrounding espresso caffeine. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering.

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Espresso Caffeine - The Difference Between Arabica & Robusta

The Robusta portion of the espresso blend makes up a large proportion of the caffeine. Why? Arabica beans contain between 0.8% and 1.4% caffeine , while Robusta beans contain 1.7% to a full 4% caffeine . Robusta is never used pure, but is added to the Arabica in espresso blends.

This creates a strong caffeine effect and also the crema, which is often mistakenly used as a quality feature of excellent espresso. However, the crema is only a result of the lower oil content in the bean. This creates a longer, more stable crema when the espresso is extracted. But that is not the point. In summary, you can say - more Robusta in the blend, more caffeine!

Caffeine content

Some other aspects also play a major role in terms of caffeine content. Firstly, there are the beans. Above we found that the Robusta content in the blend provides more caffeine. Then there is the roasting! The darker the coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is released.

The degree of grinding also plays a role. As a rule of thumb: the finer the coffee is ground, the more caffeine it contains . More caffeine can also be released during preparation. If you extract your coffee for longer, more caffeine is released. A higher water temperature also ensures that even more caffeine is bound in your cup. A huge factor, however, is definitely the amount of coffee in your cup . And we'll look at this point in more detail in the next section!

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Espresso caffeine - comparison between preparation methods

It's all in the quantity! I can tell you that right away. Per 100ml, espresso contains more caffeine than, for example, filter coffee. However, I personally don't know anyone who drinks 100ml of espresso in one go. That would be just under 120mg of caffeine in one go and even then it would still be harmless. But how much caffeine is in a typical cup of espresso? This naturally varies depending on the type of espresso blend and the preparation methods chosen. 25ml of espresso therefore contains just under 65mg of caffeine . Let's compare the caffeine with filter coffee, where people usually drink more in quantity. 150ml , or one cup, contains around 90mg of caffeine . In comparison, per 100ml we're looking at just under 55-70mg of caffeine .

Espresso is usually used as a base for milk coffee drinks . Coffee fans should already know that a cappuccino, for example, consists of an espresso with frothed milk. So a cappuccino understandably contains just as much caffeine as a simple espresso. But why do many people think that espresso is stronger than other preparations?

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The Myth of Espresso Caffeine

It is probably mainly due to the strong taste of espresso that many people think that espresso is so much stronger than filter coffee or other preparations. Espresso is extracted under a pressure of 9 bar and at a temperature of around 92 degrees.

Espresso is a type of reduction that can be used to make many other delicious coffee drinks that have the same caffeine content. I'll give you a few examples: cappuccino , americano , cortado , latte macchiato , café au lait ... in summary: a single espresso simply contains as much caffeine as almost all coffee drinks. The intense taste of the Italian classic only suggests that espresso is richer in caffeine.

Espresso caffeine – it’s all in the quantity!

One thing is clear in any case: an espresso can be drunk much quicker than a filter coffee . This is the norm in Italy. In small bars, Italians treat themselves to their caffeine as they pass by and start the day that way. A filter coffee takes much longer to prepare and consume. So you could say that caffeine gets into the body quicker. Of course, this also depends on the drinker. Some take more time, others less. Because of the smaller amount of espresso, several shots can of course be drunk in a shorter time, which speeds up the absorption of the caffeine.

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The caffeine content is not significantly higher than in other coffee drinks. Compared to filter coffee and other coffee drinks , there is no significant difference in the caffeine content. It is probably the intense taste of espresso that makes many people think that espresso contains more caffeine than other preparations.

Of course, an espresso is quicker to drink and the smaller amount of liquid means it is also drunk quicker, which means that if you drink multiple shots, the caffeine concentration will be higher. However, there are very few people who drink such large amounts of espresso at once. So fans of espresso caffeine can breathe a sigh of relief! If you pay attention to the amount, enjoying several high-quality espressos is no problem. You can find our flavorful espressos here. #staywild