Good morning - coffee for an excellent start to the day!

For most people, the morning coffee is the most important way to start the day with energy. However, preferences regarding the preparation of the coffee also vary.

One person likes their good morning coffee with milk , another an espresso and the next prefers a freshly brewed pot of filter coffee. There are also country-specific differences in good morning coffee . You can find out what these differences are and what else you should know about your good morning coffee in this blog article. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you a lot of fun reading.

Good Morning Filter Coffee Wild Coffee Roastery

Good morning coffee here in Germany

In fact, the morning coffee in Germany is usually a classic filter coffee . But other preparations and recipes are also very popular these days. Fully automatic machines are making their way into German households! Coffee at the touch of a button is the motto. The uncomplicated operation, the versatility and, with the right settings and high-quality beans, a very tasty end result make the fully automatic machine one of the most popular methods of preparation in Germany.

Nevertheless , filter coffee remains THE good morning coffee for Germans . It is still mostly brewed in a filter machine, but hand filter preparation is becoming increasingly popular, especially among fans of specialty coffee . We at Wildkaffee also drink our good morning coffee as filter coffee. Some prefer the Chemex , others the classic way: for example with the Kalita Wave Dripper – brand new in our shop . We like to use our delicious light roasted specialty coffees for a fruity, tasty good morning coffee!

Good morning coffee in Italy

Let's jump over to the motherland of espresso culture: Bella Italia ! It should go without saying that Italians' morning coffee is an espresso. In the typical small coffee bars, the coffee is drunk as you walk past. It is common for the espresso to be drunk pretty quickly at the counter. There is also the very popular to-go option these days. In Italy, however, people are rather critical of drinking coffee from paper cups. They love their morning coffee from the classic espresso cups made of ceramic or porcelain , which they can enjoy quickly and succinctly while standing. By the way! In our online shop you will find flavorful espressos for a delicious Italian coffee!

There are very specific rules for milk coffee drinks in Italy. The cappuccino in particular is a very popular drink, especially for breakfast. Due to its richness, the cappuccino is almost exclusively drunk in the morning. After midday, i.e. from around 12 noon, the cappuccino is usually replaced by espresso . The good morning coffee, be it espresso or cappuccino, is often enjoyed in combination with sweet pastries such as a fresh cornetto, biscuits or brioche.

Be careful! After a hearty meal in Italy, please do not order a cappuccino , no matter what time of day. Since it is considered a filling drink, enjoying it after a meal is not appreciated.


In Turkey - the Mocha

When it comes to good morning coffee , traditions and habits vary greatly from country to country. In Turkey, good morning coffee is drunk early in the morning. In general, Turks are very careful about their coffee consumption. They want to stimulate their mind and body at just the right time.

The good morning coffee in Turkey is the classic Turkish coffee , which is almost thick and is drunk very sweet. Candied fruits and jelly sweets are traditionally eaten with the morning coffee in Turkey.


In France

In France, the good morning coffee is a classic Café au Lait . The coffee is drunk in a traditional bol, which resembles a small bowl and is found in every French household. The morning coffee is best enjoyed with a fresh croissant or typical French breakfast biscuits , called Gâteaux petit-déjeuner. It is quite common to dip the biscuit in the coffee. A Café au Lait can be prepared with our high-quality medium or dark roasts !


In Israel

Did you know? Israel is a real coffee nation and good morning coffee plays a big role in Israel too! While Arabic coffee specialties used to have a big influence on Israeli coffee culture , today it is mainly Western influences and the third coffee wave that made specialty coffee and the like popular and still do. In Israel's turbulent cities like Tel Aviv or Haifa, people usually eat and drink outside the home. Morning coffee is drunk in small bars, similar to Italy, with the difference that paper cups and the general to-go concept are very well received. Due to diverse international influences on the country, a wide variety of preparations have prevailed. Classic Italian preparations such as espresso and cappuccino are also very popular coffee in Israel and are available on almost every corner.

An Israeli classic among morning coffees is Cafe Hafuch, or upside down coffee . It simply consists of steamed milk and a small shot of espresso. But Hafuch is not just a morning coffee, it is also a popular drink in the afternoon. In the hot summer months, Israelis like to have their morning coffee as a cold brew, which is drunk with a little milk. It is usually served with a shot glass of sugar syrup. Cafe Hafuch tastes best with our dark roasts .

Is there anything to consider when drinking morning coffee?

Now that we have learned about some good morning coffee differences in different countries around the world, let's get to some facts about your morning coffee!

If you want to get the optimal energy boost, you should drink your coffee about an hour after getting up . This is when the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for coffee not being able to develop its full effect, has been broken down. If you drink coffee regularly shortly after getting up, the caffeine effect could wear off and you might have to drink unhealthy amounts to achieve the same effect as your good morning coffee.

But you don't have to worry about any damage to your health. It's all about the effect and the habits that you might need to adjust. In our blog article Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? you can find out more about the optimal dosage of your coffee in everyday life.


When it comes to morning coffee, every country has different traditions, combinations and habits . Germans love their filter coffee, Italians swear by espresso and cappuccino, the French drink café au lait from a bowl-like cup and the Turks are very careful about when they consume their caffeine.

Israelis are very diverse and varied when it comes to choosing their morning coffee. From espresso to cappuccino to their own Cafe Hafuch, they drink a lot and a variety of things. You should drink your morning coffee about an hour after getting up to get the best effect. If you drink your coffee straight after getting up over time, the caffeine effect may wear off. #staywild !