Is coffee healthy or unhealthy?

Some say coffee is good for your health, others say it is simply too dangerous. But what is true? Is coffee healthy or unhealthy?

We want to get to the bottom of this topic and in this blog article we want to explain to you exactly what properties coffee has and what you need to pay attention to. We also want to get to the bottom of the various myths surrounding "is coffee healthy or unhealthy?" Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering!


Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? - Does coffee dehydrate?

A common assumption when it comes to the question of whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy is that it dehydrates. But this is clearly wrong. Less regular coffee drinkers will certainly know that as soon as you drink your morning coffee, you have to go to the toilet shortly afterwards . But this is simply because the caffeine in coffee has a diuretic effect. This is how this myth came about. The opposite is the truth, however. The water in coffee can even be included in your daily fluid intake .

However, coffee should not be consumed as a thirst quencher . If too much coffee is drunk in a short period of time, it can have unpleasant consequences, because the caffeine would then have too strong an effect on the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and our gastrointestinal tract. The following symptoms can then occur: hyperactivity, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, increased pulse and nausea . This naturally varies from person to person and depending on drinking habits.

Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? - The effect of coffee on the body

Here, too, the effect of caffeine varies from person to person. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for the caffeine to take effect. It is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream and the usual invigorating effect occurs. The caffeine is broken down steadily and after just under 4 hours, half of the total caffeine consumed has already been excreted.

After consuming coffee, the release of stimulating substances such as dopamine or noradrenaline in the brain is quickly influenced. This creates the stimulating effect but has no real influence when you ask whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy.

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Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? - Positive effect!

Of course, it is important not to overdo it with coffee drinking. 4 cups a day are generally considered safe and are even said to have positive effects. Here are some advantages to the question of whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy:

Performance enhancing effect:

The caffeine contained in coffee apparently improves reaction time and mental performance. Even in tired people, coffee can ensure a more alert mind for a longer period of time.

Pain-relieving effect:

Caffeine is often used as a mild painkiller and is even included as a supporting element in some medications. It slightly constricts the blood vessels in the brain, which can temporarily relieve headaches and migraines.

Sleep-delaying effect:

Everyone should be aware of this effect. Coffee delays falling asleep and reduces the length of sleep , although this fact varies from person to person. People who drink a lot of coffee react very differently to people who consume coffee or caffeine less regularly. Genetic influences also play a major role in sleep. Regular coffee drinkers break down caffeine more quickly and can therefore fall asleep more easily after drinking coffee.

The metabolism is boosted:

Drinking coffee slightly increases your body temperature, which burns calories. With targeted coffee consumption, you can burn up to 100 extra calories a day . Coffee consumption also boosts your metabolism. After a large meal, which you finish with an espresso shortly after eating, for example, the fat is broken down into its components and used to provide energy. This burns more calories. But coffee has to be drunk more or less strategically. You can find more information about losing weight with coffee here.


Very interesting for the athletes among you! Here, too, the targeted, strategic use of coffee applies, as coffee can support athletic performance. Even after exercise, coffee has been proven to slow down muscle breakdown and can relieve the symptoms of muscle soreness. In order to be ideally hydrated, it is recommended to drink plenty of still water, as this is how the caffeine works best during exercise.


Coffee also has a protective function on the liver cells. This should have an effect on the entire organism, because the liver is ultimately the central detoxification organ and ensures that all toxins are converted into non-toxic ones. Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? It is definitely healthy for the liver.


Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? - Quality is what matters

Well, we haven't really figured it out yet. Is coffee healthy or unhealthy? It is important that the first thing you pay attention to when consuming coffee is the quality! Cutting costs on coffee is definitely the wrong approach . The coffee should be gently roasted and of high quality. The most important thing when it comes to the topic of whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy is that the coffee should be drunk neat, without milk and sugar .

The fat in milk inhibits all of these positive side effects, and sugar does too. If you don't like black coffee, you can also use plant-based milks, but you should still use them sparingly, because plant-based milk also contains some calories, which play a big role in the question of whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy.

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Is coffee healthy or unhealthy - pay attention to the method of preparation!

Which coffee is healthy or unhealthy? As with many other things, it is the amount that we should pay attention to. Coffee contains so-called diterpenes, which slightly increase cholesterol levels . If the coffee is unfiltered, as is the case with a French press or espresso, they remain in the end result in your cup.

If you prepare your coffee in a hand filter , Chemex or AeroPress , these substances are filtered out. This is why coffee fans can drink 5 cups of filter coffee a day without having to worry.

Conclusion! - Is coffee healthy or unhealthy

The big question now is: is coffee healthy or unhealthy? The answer is, it's all about the quantity! 3-4 cups of coffee are considered healthy , if you drink filter coffee, it can be 5 cups . Of course, on some days it can be several cups, but that shouldn't be the rule. Quality is also crucial, so pay attention to the quality first and foremost when buying coffee! The coffee should be gently roasted and of course of good quality. You are welcome to discover our fine light roasts for filter coffee preparation in our online shop . You can also find other coffees, such as our strong espressos and medium roasts in the shop! #staywild