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Thailand Coffee Fest – new coffees from the Brewers series

We are traveling in Asia this week. Among other things, we will be at the Thailand Coffee Fest from July 11th to 14th. We are also bringing new and well-known coffees from our Brewers series with us to Asia.

Thailand Coffee Fest – Wildkaffee is included

From Copenhagen we're off to Thailand. Wildkaffee is represented this week with a stand at Thailand Coffee. Of course we'll be bringing new specialty coffees from our Brewers series with us. We'll also have Orea equipment with us. Our Brewers Cup winner, Martin Wölfl, will be showing how he brews world champion coffee and will be available to answer questions from fans and visitors. The festival will take place in Bangkok at the Impact Exhibition Center in Halls 5 to 8. You'll find us at the "Coffee around the world" stand in Hall 6.

Martin Wölfl Brewing coffee

Thailand Coffee Fest – Cooperation with Roots and Yellow Stuff

One day before the Thailand Coffee Festival begins, we are in Bangkok with our World Brewers Cup winner. There we have the honor of taking over the Brew Bar at Roots. On Wednesday, July 10th, from 2 p.m. you will find us at ROOTS AT SATHON . There we will be brewing filter coffee and espresso using very special lots. The lots will then also be available for purchase. The whole thing is taking place in cooperation with Yellow Stuff and is expected to last the whole of Wednesday afternoon.

The next day, Thursday, the Coffee Fest starts. We will not only have our own stand there. Martin Wölfl will also be at many other stands. Among others, the Yellow Stuff stand, Stand V3 in Hall 5. There he will show all coffee enthusiasts how he brews his world champion coffee, reveal tricks and talk about all kinds of topics.

Thailand Coffee Fest – with Martin H

Martin H – Finca Juana

  • Country of origin: El Salvador
  • Farm: Finca Juana
  • Variety: Kenya
  • Processing: 48h Natural

Blueberry – Rum

The cherries for this coffee specialty grow in El Salvador in the Buenos Aires region on the Finca Juana.
It is the same coffee with which Martin Wölfl competed in his first World Brewers Cup.
The coffee originates from Kenya. In the 1940s, a Salvadoran farmer took them back to El Salvador from a hunting trip in Africa. A decade later, he simply pulled the plants out and threw them away. Juana's husband took the coffee plants and planted them on the Finca Juana. They have been thriving there ever since and produce good coffee. This means that the trees are over 75 years old and still productive.

Thailand Coffee Fest – with Martin I

Martin I – El Diviso Geisha

  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Farm: Finca El Diviso
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Preparation: Washed Mosto

Grapefruit – Lemon – Darjeeling

Brewers Cup Series Coffee Bag Martin I

This washed geisha comes from the Huila region of Colombia. The cherries are grown on the Lasso family's Finca El Diviso at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,900 meters.
After harvesting the optimally ripe cherries, they are washed, cleaned and then placed in open plastic bags for oxidation. This is followed by 24 hours of fermentation with the addition of must from previous fermentations of the same variety. The cherries are then depulped and packed for anaerobic fermentation for another 60 hours until the process is interrupted with hot water. Finally, the coffee is dried until it reaches a moisture content of 11%.

Huila is known as a region for growing specialty coffee due to its fertile soils, altitude and ideal climate.

Thailand Coffee Fest – with Martin J

Martin J – Ethiopia

  • Country of origin: Ethiopia
  • Washingstation: Testi
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Treatment: Anaerobic

Exotic fruits – Rum – Caramel

The cherries for this coffee grow in Gersi in the heart of the Yirgacheffe region, which is one of the best known and highest quality growing areas internationally. Our coffee grows at an altitude of 1,600 to 2,000 meters and is currently grown by many hundreds of farmers and collected at a Testi Coffee washing station, processed and then sold to us directly.
Testi has numerous washing stations throughout Ethiopia and gives a good portion of its income back to the farmers and the cities in which they live: With its social projects, the company promotes education and infrastructure in rural areas.

Thailand Coffee Fest – Orea and 2-WayCup present

We're not just bringing these exciting new coffees. We're also bringing the world champion equipment from Orea and 2-WayCup. Martin Wölfl won the world champion title in Chicago with the V4 Dripper from Orea - and with other equipment. Including the absolutely brilliant cups from 2-WayCup. The cups that offer coffee drinkers two different taste experiences because they have two differently shaped sides. The narrower rim of the cup directs the liquid to the front and middle of the tongue, resulting in sweeter and more intense flavors. The wider, funnel-shaped rim, on the other hand, distributes the liquid further back on the tongue, allowing the flavors to develop better and creating a longer-lasting aftertaste.

Thailand Coffee Fest – Conclusion

Come join us when we're at the Thailand Coffee Fest. From July 11th to 14th in Bangkok at the Impact Exhibition Center. If you can't be there, we'll of course keep you up to date on our social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. And if you want to console yourself in another way, you can of course also buy the specialty coffees, such as the Martin I, in our online shop . Then you can simply brew at home!