Coffee Americano - the extended espresso

The Americano coffee is probably one of the most well-known, but at the same time least known, coffee drinks available in this country. Confused?

You don't have to be, because in this blog article we explain exactly what a coffee Americano is and where its origins lie. At the end of the article I will also present you with a small recipe for a particularly flavorful Americano. Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you a lot of fun reading.


Coffee Americano – What exactly is it?

Generally speaking, Americano coffee is known by many other names. Black coffee , long coffee or Café Creme, although there are small differences in the preparation of Café Creme. But now let's talk about the Americano. What exactly is it? It's actually quite simple. It's an espresso that's diluted with hot water .

This creates a strong-tasting coffee drink that everyone knows. It's just that the exact terminology often causes confusion. In Germany, it is often referred to as black coffee , in Austria it is simply called Verlängerten or small brown coffee. This term is derived from the recipe, as the espresso (also called mocha in Austria) is lengthened or diluted with water. But why then Americano? More on this in the next section.

Coffee Americano - Where does the name come from?

Coffee Americano sounds very Italian. Is it? Legend has it that the Americano was created after the Second World War by American soldiers stationed in Italy. The soldiers found the classic espresso too strong , so they always ordered a glass of hot water with their espresso to dilute it accordingly. The Italians were initially a little shocked by this unusual preparation.

Little by little, however , this recipe became established and found its place on the menus of Italian coffee bars. In reference to the American soldiers, it was simply called an Americano . It is still served today, even globally. The Americans brought the recipe back home, where it spread rapidly and from there began its triumphant worldwide march. Although under different names, which I have already mentioned above. Every well-stocked café should know the term coffee Americano. So if you are ever abroad, you can order an Americano without worry. Confusion rarely occurs.


What does an Americano coffee taste like?

How the Americano tastes depends, of course, on the quality of the beans and the water used. We always recommend using dark to medium roasts , with dark roasts providing a more flavorful Americano coffee. Our Wilderer Espresso, for example, is perfect for a delicious Americano.

If you prefer something a little milder, our Wildsau , Bergsonne and the house espresso are a good choice. Fans of very mild coffee should go for medium roasted coffee beans. You can find them here. An Americano tastes less intense and full than an espresso, but the taste and notes of the beans are still retained in the cup profile.


The intense taste of the espresso is simply softened in the Americano. The intensity of the cup can be controlled very well by the amount of water added. Do you prefer strong coffee? Then choose a bean with a strong flavor and use a little less water. Do you prefer it a little milder? Then choose an espresso with a floral cup profile, like our Wildsau , and use a little more water. This makes the Americano coffee a little thinner and therefore less intense.

But be careful! If you use too much water, the Americano coffee will be watery and tend to have sour and bitter notes . That's why it's important to experiment carefully with the amount of water in order to find the ideal mixing ratio for your individual Americano!

How to prepare Americano coffee

You need: ideally a portafilter machine, 8-10 g espresso and water (92 degrees)

1. Remove the portafilter and wipe it with a cloth.

2. Now put the ground coffee into the carrier.

3. Distribute the coffee evenly in the carrier and then compact it using a tamper.

4. Now rinse the brewing group and clamp the portafilter.

5. Place a cup under the spout and start the brewing process. This should take between 20 and 30 seconds.

6. Pour hot water over the finished espresso. You can choose the amount to suit your personal preference.

7. Enjoy!

Variations of the Americano

I have already mentioned that there are other preparations similar to the Americano. There are numerous variants and names that are similar to the Americano coffee. Let's start with an Australian or New Zealand classic. No, it is not just the Flat White that comes from these countries. The "Long Black" is also popular there. The difference between the Long Black and the Americano is the preparation. For a Long Black, the espresso is brewed on top of the hot water, while for an Americano, the water is poured onto the espresso.

The Caffè Lungo or Espresso Lungo is often confused with the Americano. With the Caffè Lungo, twice the amount of water is used during the brewing process for the same amount of coffee for an espresso.

The extraction time of the portafilter is extended. This releases aromas from the beans that are rather unusual in a conventional espresso, but taste unique! Caffè Lungo is also becoming increasingly popular internationally, but it is still not nearly as well known as it is in Italy.


Recipe for summer

There is now also an iced version of Americano coffee, which provides refreshment and an energy boost, especially in summer. Instead of hot water, you simply use cold water to lengthen the coffee and then add a portion of ice cubes at the end.

If you want, you can garnish the Iced Americano with a slice of lemon or orange . If you follow the recipe above, you're guaranteed to succeed! Just try it out and discover!


Americano coffee is a real classic. It originated in Italy, where American soldiers created it because espresso tasted too strong. You can get it almost anywhere and it's easy to make it at home. Most fully automatic machines can now make an Americano at the touch of a button . However, it tastes most aromatic when brewed using a classic portafilter and ensures the best taste from the espresso bean.

We prefer to use Wilderer Espresso or Bergsonne for the Americano. The Americano coffee is often confused with other recipes, such as Long Black or Caffé Lungo. Please do not try this at home. Both preparations produce a variety of delicious notes in your cup that you should definitely discover. The Americano is now world famous and you can get it pretty much anywhere. #staywild