Freddo Cappuccino - Coffee from Greece

Have you ever heard of a Freddo Cappuccino? Perhaps one or two people have enjoyed this drink on holiday. When you hear the name, you tend to think of an Italian origin.

But the drink actually comes from Greece and is mainly served there. But very few people in this country know exactly what a Freddo Cappuccino is. Admittedly, I had never heard of it before and when I thought of Greek iced coffee I thought more of the Frappé, which is available in all variations with sugar syrup and toppings at numerous fast food chains. In fact, the Freddo Cappuccino is very different from the Frappé . This starts with the choice of coffee and continues through the entire preparation process. In this article, we'll show you what makes a good Freddo, where it comes from and what exactly distinguishes it from the Frappé. Of course, we'll also show you the professional recipe from our barista ! Elias Fischbacher from the Wildkaffee Rösterei wishes you lots of fun discovering. Páme!


Freddo Cappuccino - the exact origin

I already mentioned at the beginning that the Freddo Cappuccino is preferably drunk in Greece. The name may suggest an Italian origin , but the cold coffee originally comes from Greece and Cyprus. In fact, it is not that old and was long considered a short-lived Greek fad. Around 1991, the two drinks Freddo Espresso & Freddo Cappuccino were served for the first time in Greek cafes and coffee shops and enjoyed increasing popularity right from the start, especially among the many tourists.

The cold cappuccino is considered the secret successor to the frappé, which is made with less tasty instant coffee . More on this comparison later. To this day, the cold versions of cappuccino and espresso are served and drunk almost exclusively in Greece and its tranquil islands . The freddo cappuccino is an excellent, light refreshment on hot summer days, but is also very popular in winter.

What exactly is that?

Now that we have clarified the historical background of the Freddo Cappuccino, the question arises as to what exactly a Freddo Cappuccino is . We have already clarified that it is an iced coffee drink. In other words, a cold coffee that is particularly tasty and refreshing in summer. But Freddo is also excellent in winter. It is prepared in a blender . The blender is filled with ice cubes, espresso, liquid sugar and fresh milk and the mixture is then stirred to create a creamy head . It is served in a glass. Alternatively, you can make the drink without a blender. To do this, simply brew the espresso in a chilled glass with ice cubes and froth the milk with a stick milk frother. Incidentally, the sugar syrup is always optional and in Greek cafés it is served in a small shot glass.

Comparison with the Frappé

Most people still associate Greek coffee culture with the frappé. No wonder, the frappé has been drunk in Greece since the 1940s and has made the leap across the country's borders into the wider world. Numerous fast food chains in particular ensured that the frappé became very well known internationally . The recipe was modified and supplemented with various syrups and toppings, so that the traditional form of the frappé has almost been forgotten.

Traditional frappé is made from instant coffee, which is poured with a teaspoon of sugar and 15ml of water and then stirred with a hand-held milk frother. The mixture is then poured with cold milk and stirred vigorously again so that the foam rises to the top. I already mentioned earlier that the Freddo Cappuccino is actually a more advanced variation of the frappé. In contrast to the frappé, the Freddo Cappuccino is served in a smaller glass and prepared with fresh espresso . The preparation is very reminiscent of its big brother, the classic cappuccino, and the focus is more on full-bodied coffee flavor.

Freddo-Cappuccino-Wild Coffee-Roastery-Espresso

Freddo Cappuccino & Freddo Espresso – The difference!

Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso are also two different drinks . While the Cappuccino is made with milk, the Freddo Espresso does not contain any milk at all. The Freddo Espresso is also whipped into a foam using a mixer and sugar syrup is also used in the Freddo Espresso if required. In principle, the Freddo Espresso is an iced espresso that is served with a foamy head in a small glass. An ideal little powerhouse for the summer, or just for in-between meals.


Preparation - How do we like it best?

We have already explained above how the original is traditionally prepared in Greece and Cyprus. In our preparation recommendation, we will show you how we prepare the Freddo Cappuccino so that the aromatic coffee taste is also highlighted!

We need: ice cubes, fresh whole milk & a flavorful espresso – we recommend our Wilderer Espresso with 20% Robusta and a strong cup profile with aromas of the finest dark chocolate!

1. We put the ice cubes into a suitable, chilled glass (around 150-200 ml).

2. Remove the portafilter and wipe it with a cloth.

3. Now add 19 g of ground coffee for a double shot into the carrier.

4. Distribute the ground espresso evenly and then tamp it down using a tamper.

5. Rinse the brewing group and then clamp the portafilter.

6. Place the cold cup with the ice cubes under the spout and start the brewing process. This should take about 25-30 seconds for 40 ml.

7. Froth around 100 ml of milk with a hand-held milk frother until a creamy head of foam forms.

8. Now pour the cold, foamed milk into your espresso.

9. Alternatively, you can serve your drink with sugar syrup. However, we recommend that you enjoy it without any sugar.

10. Done! Now you can enjoy a piece of Greece in the comfort of your own home!



The Freddo Cappuccino is basically a cappuccino on ice, which is poured with cold, frothy milk . It is the advanced form of a frappé, in which the coffee flavor is deliberately emphasized in the form of an espresso. The drink originally comes from Cyprus and Greece and is mainly drunk there. The Freddo Cappuccino tastes best on hot summer days on your vacation in Greece, or even at home.

It is light and digestible because milk, ice cubes and espresso combine to form an excellent mixture as you drink it, ensuring an outstanding coffee experience. If you follow our barista's preparation instructions step by step, nothing will stand in the way of your Greek coffee journey. We hope you enjoy making it. Jámas and #staywild !