Slow Coffee – mindful of your next cup of coffee

A quick cup of coffee in the morning to wake up or even “just” a coffee to go on the way to work. All of this is normal and the complete opposite of the slow coffee movement. What exactly the Slow Coffee movement is And what you and I get out of it, we will clarify in the following sections.

Slow Coffee – the most popular drink

Coffee is part of more than 160 litres per capita per year is one of the most popular drinks in Germany, ahead of beer and just behind water. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand it also has negative aspects. In the past, coffee was a luxury item - reserved only for the rich and famous. Nowadays, coffee is consumed at the Traded on the stock exchange, is accessible to everyone and unfortunately it is often sold at dumping prices This means that it is no longer a luxury item and everyone can enjoy it, but on the other hand, you have to see that above all, the producers are not fairly paid.

Slow Coffee – Don’t associate it with stress

Often in our time and culture the consumption of coffee is associated with a stressful everyday life. In the office, on the way to work, to go in the car, on the train or on the way somewhere. The latter term alone, to go, shows that few people take the time to sit down and fully concentrate on enjoying a coffee. We live in a time that has become very hectic due to all the technology and infrastructure. In the past – with horse and cart – the journey to the next village sometimes took a whole day. Today we worry if we don't reach our destination in five minutes or if a package takes longer than two days to arrive. Slow coffee has nothing to do with stress – quite the opposite.

Coffee trend-coffee-trend

Slow Coffee comes from Slow Food

Fast food has been on the market for many years. Even though many people like fast food and there are good Fast food rarely has anything to do with enjoyment or mindfulness to do. It is about quickly eliminating hunger. Often you can Today's coffee consumption is the same : it's about something warm in the stomach, about the short caffeine kick, about the possibility of visiting the toilet in the morning. A few years ago, the slow food trend lovingly declared war on fast food. It is again chic and "in" to take your time. The entire process from preparing the food to celebrating the last bite and enjoy with mindfulness. And Slow Coffee also emerged from this trend, who applies this mindfulness to the enjoyment of coffee.

Slow coffee – how do I do it?

Basically it is simply enjoy a slow coffee .

1. Make yourself a cup of coffee

2. Enjoy it in peace

slow coffee

These are the rudimentary basics of everything. Enjoy it. Take the time to do something without rushing and enjoy it consciously. It doesn't matter whether you're reading a book, emptying the dishwasher, drinking a coffee or going for a walk. If you do something consciously , the time you spent on it is not wasted. Even if it was ironing.

Slow Food and Slow Coffee goes one step further and also celebrates the path to a cup of coffee. A bit like the Japanese tea ceremony or the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It is about the appreciation of the product, the mindfulness during preparation and then also the enjoyment.

Slow Coffee – Which methods are suitable?

This question is also simple and yet differentiated. Any method is suitable. Even an espresso, which is by definition something quick. Most slow coffee lovers associate this trend with a cup of filter coffee. The process to your cup of coffee may take several minutes using this method.

1. Weigh the coffee beans and grind them freshly (18 g coffee to 270 ml water)

2. Filter paper and hand filter rinse with hot water

3. Freshly ground coffee pour into filter

4. Blooming phase (Pour 60 ml of water in circular movements and let it brew for about 30 seconds)

5. Add the remaining 210 ml of water in circular movements Add water slowly and constantly

6. Shake the brewing vessel briefly to mix the individual Layers of coffee to mix

7. First of all smell freshly brewed coffee

8. The perfect cup choose

9. Pour in the coffee, perceive the color of the drink

10. Sit down, the Feel the warmth of the cup in your hand , take a sip of coffee, taste the aromas, enjoy.

That is no instructions that you have to follow exactly. Find your way and try to use all your senses. Enjoy the water sinking into the coffee grounds, enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee, Hear, feel and taste the gentle bubbling of the blooming phase as the CO2 escapes from the coffee.

Coffee farm

Slow Coffee – Espresso works too

Even if the Espresso stands for quick coffee enjoyment , you can brew and enjoy it with just as much mindfulness and slowness. This also includes a few steps:

• Beans weigh and grind fresh (possibly also spray with some water)

 Preheat cups

• In Fill portafilter

 WDT tool, leveler or use another method


• Possibly Filter on powder place

• Clamping, brewing

• Flowing Watch Espresso

• Stir

 Smell, see, taste, enjoy

Just look at some Instagram reels, there are many who manage to turn a “short” espresso into a to do proper mindful ceremony. You can also find some of them on our Instagram channel.

Slow coffee – and what about the other methods?

We think that you be mindful with any cooking method you choose and it can therefore always be a slow coffee. It doesn't matter whether you make French or Aeropress coffee, use a percolator or a Bialetti, or use a Chemex or a fully automatic machine to enjoy your coffee. As long as you approach the entire process consciously, focused and mindfully , you can always enjoy a slow coffee. It is all about that you take the time (in yourself, your heart, your soul) to enjoy the coffee. And don't just rush it down between two appointments to stay awake.

Slow Coffee – what I need for it

Here, let’s say, slow coffee begins. The more your coffee enjoyment becomes like a hobby , the more mindfulness is involved. And the more equipment you will own.

For one For filter coffee you basically only need a hand filter, filter paper, ground coffee and hot water. But if you want to go into more detail, you need a Precision scales, your own mill, possibly different hand filters to get the best or for variety to find a suitable jug, several filter papers, maybe also the Paragon from Nucleus Tools or other accessories that we don't know about yet.

For one To make espresso you only need a portafilter machine, ground coffee and a tamper. But you can also WDT tools, small filter papers, a precision scale, spray bottle to moisten beans, a leveler et cetera. Every step further is a step further towards mindfulness and a kind of ceremony. But do not forget that it is in the end it is only about the inner attitude, the conscious experience – even if you use slightly fewer steps.

Slow Coffee – Conclusion

The The slow coffee trend creates a counterbalance to our increasingly hectic everyday lives. A cup of coffee represents a break, a moment of rest and enjoyment. Slow coffee slows you down and has an almost meditative effect .

However, it is also about sustainability and fairness towards the producers. It is about appreciating a luxury item created with hard work. Unfortunately, the enormous drop in the price of coffee is a major problem that leads above all to unfair payment for producers. This is where Slow Coffee comes in: By paying more attention to the entire process and the product , you will probably (and hopefully) buy fair trade or even directly traded coffee beans like we do.

So take the time to make yourself a coffee – with so many or so few steps, and as much or as little ceremony as you like. And fuck what haters say. No matter how many or few steps and minutes you need for your cup of coffee – If you don't rush it and enjoy it, then it's just right.