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8 products

Our medium roasts

Do you like nuanced coffee with fruity notes? Then our medium roasts are the perfect choice! The mostly single-origin raw coffee beans are processed gently and with great attention to detail to create excellent roasted coffee. Each coffee has its own individual roasting profile to tease out the delicious notes from the respective beans.

Our team regularly tastes the beans from the countries of origin so that we can always ensure the quality and taste of the selected beans. When importing the green coffee, we also pay attention to a direct supply chain and value a personal relationship with our farmers. This way we are guaranteed the best quality coffee and the farmers receive fair, direct payment.

We visit the farms regularly to examine the working methods and conditions and to discover new trends, for example in the processing. When working on the farms, we also like to lend a hand ourselves so that we can judge and appreciate the work that goes into growing coffee.

What is the best way to prepare medium roasts?

The medium roasts from our Wildkaffee roastery are also generally known as our all-rounders. Why? Because they are suitable for all types of preparation. Prepared in a manual filter or Chemex, the medium roasts ensure an incredibly delicious cup profile with a fine, strong variety of flavors and country-specific flavors such as stone fruit or dried fruit.

From the portafilter or fully automatic machine, e.g. as an espresso or a latte drink, the fruity accents in your cup are highlighted. The end result promises a slightly milder coffee experience, but one that differs in taste from classic espressos. Intensive flavors also develop when prepared using the AeroPress, French press and moka pot. Your preparation, your choice!

With our medium roasts you have a diverse bean that guarantees great tasting coffee. Recipes for each preparation method can be found here and under the "Preparation recommendation" tab in the respective article!

Where does the green coffee for our medium roasts come from?

Our medium roasts are predominantly single-origin coffees. You can tell where your coffee comes from just by the name of the variety. The Brasil Capim Branco comes from Brazil from the Finca Capim Branco or the Ethiopia West Arsi from Ethiopia from a cooperative in the West Arsi zone... in the descriptions of the coffees, as well as on the bag, you can see exactly where the coffee comes from, which variety was used, how it was processed and at what altitude the coffee was cultivated.

Only our Wilde Milde is a blend of three country coffees (Brazil, Guatemala and Rwanda) and is roasted a little lighter than the other coffees. This makes it ideal as a tasty coffee from the filter machine. This creates a fine, sweet variety of flavors with notes of berries and nuts.

What is the best way to store medium roasts?

In order to enjoy the special taste of our medium roasts for as long as possible, there are a few things to consider. You should pay particular attention to the storage and grinding of the coffee so that you can enjoy the excellent taste of the coffee. You should always store the coffee beans protected from light, oxygen and odors.

These influences cause your coffee to lose its unique taste, and this is something you should avoid. Already ground coffee loses its taste more quickly, which is why you should use it up within 1 to 2 weeks. That's why we recommend always grinding coffee fresh. If it is packed airtight, for example in our bag with aroma protection valve, and stored in a place protected from light, the coffee will stay fresh and tasty for a long time.

We also recommend the vacuum containers from our online shop for storage. Also make sure you use the right grinding level for your preparation. For example, if you have a French press, the coffee needs to be ground much coarser than for an espresso from a portafilter machine. High-quality grinders such as the Comandante C40 Black or the Fellow Ode usually include information about which level you should use.

We are also happy to grind your coffee fresh in our roastery. When ordering, you should also make sure that you specify the correct grind level. This way, you can get started right away at home and prepare a flavorful coffee.

Having trouble deciding?

Our sample packages provide a solution. They are ideal for those who would like to try and enjoy several different varieties. We have put together two different sample packages "medium roast" for you.

Tasting pack - Medium Roast 1 includes our Wilde Milde and Ethiopia West Arsi
Tasting pack - Medium Roast 2 includes our Colombia and the Brasil Capim Branco.
This way you can easily try out the exquisite beans and discover your favorite variety. You can easily order our sample packages from our online shop and you'll also save on shipping costs!

Do you have any further questions or suggestions about our medium roasts or our coffee specialties in general? Then please contact us at or on Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to help you. Of course, we will try to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible.

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