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Wildkaffee Athlete Editions

Sport and coffee? It just fits. Did you know that many athletes swear by our coffee? We have come up with something special for really sporty coffee. We present to you our Wildkaffee Athlete Editions.

The coffees selected by the athletes are provided with a special coffee card on which the respective athlete can be seen. The athlete editions are ideal for fans and collectors. But it's not just the outside that's impressive. The packaging contains the finest coffee beans, as you already know from the Wildkaffee roastery.

In addition, the coffee is selected by the respective athlete, so that you can not only marvel at the unique packaging, but also enjoy the athlete's favorite coffee.

Athlete Editions: Sport and coffee – do they go together?

There is a general theory that coffee before exercise has negative effects, but that is not true. Coffee before exercise actually has positive physiological effects. But it is important not to overdo it. Around 4 cups of coffee a day are considered safe and are even said to have positive effects.

However, you should make sure that you enjoy the coffee without adding sugar or milk. This will have a performance-enhancing effect - reaction time and mental performance will improve. If you are tired, coffee can also make you more alert.

Why is coffee good for athletes?

Another benefit of coffee and exercise is the positive effect on the human metabolism. When you drink coffee, your body temperature increases slightly, which means that additional calories are burned. This also boosts your metabolism.

But even here, despite this positive effect, you should continue to drink coffee wisely. You shouldn't drink more than 4 or 5 cups a day. Furthermore, coffee needs to be drunk strategically to have a positive effect on burning calories. This way, more calories can be burned.

Quality and preparation of our athlete editions

The most important fact about coffee and sport is, above all, the highest quality of coffee. The beans should be gently roasted and of high quality. As already mentioned, it is essential that you do not enjoy your coffee with milk or sugar. The fat in the milk inhibits all of these positive aspects and has the opposite effect. The same applies to adding sugar.

This also slows down the effects of the coffee and also causes a brief rise in blood sugar levels. If this falls again, the athlete's performance also drops... a rather counterproductive effect. In fact, there is also a preparation method that is ideal for athletes. In general, it can be said that filter coffee is best before training or competition. Why?

Unfiltered coffee, for example from a French press, contains so-called diterpenes, which cause cholesterol levels to rise slightly. In everyday life, this is not a problem at all. However, if you push the maximum output, you can optimize some things when drinking coffee. The AeroPress is the most suitable preparation method for this.

It is handy and works with a small filter paper, which ensures that the suspended particles and oils contained in the coffee are perfectly filtered out. The end result tastes particularly fruity and almost sweet. The big plus: espressos can also be prepared with the AeroPress. However, you cannot compare these with espressos from the portafilter or moka pot.

How many athlete editions will there be?

Yes ... which athlete is a real Wildkaffee fan and which variety is his/her favorite? You will have already asked yourself this question in the course of this text. If you follow us on social media, you may have already seen one or two athletes who enjoy our coffee. Nevertheless, we want to regularly surprise you with new editions, which of course are only available while stocks last. We hope you have fun collecting and of course enjoying the coffee.

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