Wildsau Espresso

Full-bodied - Cocoa - Floral

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  • About the coffee

    Discover our incredibly delicious Wildsau Espresso. The blend of three different country coffees: 50% Brazil, 25% Guatemala and 25% Ethiopia, gives a full-bodied cup profile with distinct fruity aromas and tasty cocoa notes. The dark to medium roast makes the Wildsau the mildest of our espresso varieties.

  • About the origin

    Our Wildsau Espresso is characterized by its floral taste with distinct fruity accents. The blend consists of coffees from three different countries - Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia. While the green coffee from Brazil and Guatemala provides the full-bodied cocoa nuances, it is the finest coffee from the Guji region in Ethiopia that creates the extraordinary flavor of our Wildsau Espresso. Coffee from Ethiopia is generally known for its floral taste and in our Wildsau Espresso Blend it complements the tasty beans from Brazil and Guatemala perfectly.

    Country of origin: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
    Cultivation altitude: 1,100 - 1,800 m
    Type: 100% Arabica
    Condition: Natural & Washed
    Variety: Catimor, Heirloom, Yellow Catuai
    Roast: Medium

  • Mild espresso

    The mildest of our espresso varieties is definitely the Wildsau Espresso. But if you're expecting an espresso that "just" tastes less intense, you're very much mistaken. The espresso stands out with its fruity-floral notes and tastes like cocoa. The slightly lighter roasting allows the fruity notes to develop more intensely.


How to prepare the Wildsau Espresso in the portafilter

You need about 19 g of very finely ground coffee and your portafilter equipment

1. Unclamp the portafilter and wipe it with a cloth

2. Distribute the coffee evenly and compact it using a tamper

3. Rinse the brewing group and insert the portafilter

4. Now start the brewing process, which should last between 25 - 30 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Wildsau-Espresso, einfach „saustark“ gut

Wird definitiv eine meiner Lieblingsbohnen werden

How to always prepare your coffee correctly

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Wildsau Espresso - Sustainably grown and fairly traded

The Wildsau Espresso is a blend of three different country coffees - Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia. The coffee from Brazil is known for its nutty notes, which in the blend tend towards cocoa. The green coffee comes from the Finca Capim Branco of the Andrade farming family and is sustainably cultivated at around 1,150 m according to the principles of organic farming. The same applies to the coffee from Ethiopia. It comes from the two regions of Uraga & Oromia from a cooperative in the Guji zone. The Bourbon variety is cultivated at over 2,200 m and contains particularly little caffeine due to the cultivation altitude. The blend is complemented by a coffee from Guatemala. In the Wildsau Espresso it is the Catimor variety that gives the coffee its cocoa taste. All green coffees are imported directly into our coffee roastery without any middlemen. This means that the farmers are paid directly and fairly for their work. As a roastery, we are rewarded with the best quality coffee. On our regular coffee trips to the countries of origin, we also get an insight into the work of the farmers and the conditions that prevail there.

Wildsau Espresso - this is how you prepare it!

To best discover the wide variety of flavors of our Wildsau Espresso, we recommend preparing it using a portafilter, stovetop kettle or, very conveniently, in a fully automatic machine. This is the best way to bring out the special flavor of this unique espresso blend. We look forward to sharing this taste experience with you.

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