Brazil Capim Branco

Round - Creamy - Nut

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  • About the coffee

    Our Brasil Capim Branco comes from the eponymous Finca Capim Branco. Ismael José de Andrade and his team have been known for their coffee specialties for decades.

    The single-origin coffee is processed gently and sustainably in our roastery and is a real all-rounder thanks to its medium roast.

    The selected beans provide a full-bodied, creamy cup profile, which is rounded off with excellent notes of milk chocolate and honey.

    This coffee is suitable for all preparation methods.

  • About the origin

    The Brasil Capim Branco comes from the Finca Capim Branco of the same name in the Cerrado Mineiro growing region in eastern Brazil. Farmer Ismael Andrade and his large team cultivate the finest coffee specialties there and on two other fincas, for which they have been internationally known for decades.

    The Andrade Bros have even already produced a Cup of Excellence. In 2018, it was grown and cultivated on the Finca Paraiso, also in the Cerrado Mineiro region.

    Country of origin: Brazil
    Growing area: Cerrado Mineiro
    Cultivation height: 1,150 m
    Farm: Finca Capim Branco
    Type: 100% Arabica
    Processing: Natural
    Variety: Yellow Catuai
    Roast: Medium

  • Sustainability as the highest priority

    The topic of sustainability has played a major role in the Andrade brothers' organization for several years now. The focus is on topics related to organic farming. In particular, the unique soils and the flora and fauna around the finca are protected. This is done, for example, by using and producing our own microorganisms, which in turn are used to protect plants and to preserve and reproduce nutrients in the soil.

    Microorganisms are also used in the processing. Experimentation is also a habit, so that you can discover more unusual, crazy coffees from Andrade. As a rule, the coffees from Finca Capim Branco are processed naturally, so that a full-bodied, creamy taste with slightly nutty, milk chocolate accents is formed in the cup profile.


Prepare the Brasil Capim Branco in the stove pot

You need finely ground coffee, your stovetop pot and water (preferably preheated):

1. Pour preheated water into the lower part of the stove pot until just below the small valve

2. Put the ground coffee into the small sieve and press lightly with your fingers

3. Set the stove to medium heat and screw the stove pot together

4. Place the pot on the stove and wait until you hear a slight whistling sound

5. Place the pot on a wet cloth and serve it directly

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Kai Glinin

Brasil Capim Branco

Martin Rutter
Preis/ Leistung Qualität

Beste 🙌🏼

Brunhilde Roth

Nach dem Kennenlernen von Wildkaffee in Garmisch-Partenkirchen nun also die Kaffee-Bestellung über das Internet - da ist nur eine Bewertung möglich: hervorragend!
Es hat alles wunderbar geklappt: angefangen von den Bestell-Formalitäten über die schnelle Lieferung des Pakets bis hin zur ersten Geschmacksbegegnung mit dem Brasil Capim Branco; überzeugend ist natürlich auch die Firmenphilosophie ... besser könnte es nicht sein!

Yury Kurylovich

Brasil Capim Branco

How to always prepare your coffee correctly

Wildkaffee Roastery

Brazil Capim Branco

Ideal growing conditions in Brazil

The Finca Capim Branco is 338 hectares in size, has 1.5 million coffee trees and is located at an altitude of 1,150 meters. The Yellow Catuai variety is primarily grown there. The region around the finca has optimal climatic conditions with sufficient rainfall and sunshine all year round.

A real all-rounder thanks to medium roasting

In our coffee roastery, the green coffee for the Brasil Capim Branco is processed gently and sustainably. The coffee is roasted medium, making it suitable for all preparation methods.

You can enjoy it as a strong filter coffee, or as a milder espresso. Our Brasil Capim Branco is also suitable for milk coffee drinks. The end result promises nutty, chocolatey aromas that harmonize perfectly with the milk. We are delighted to share this exclusive quality and unique taste experience with you.

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